Homemade Tips to Get Healthy Chubby Cheeks

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How to Get Chubby Cheeks Naturally

Want to get attractive chubby cheeks? Babies have chubby cheeks which we all like to pinch. In fact, many adults also prefer chubby cheeks in the place of sagging cheeks which are a sign of aging. Chubby cheeks provide you with an attractive young face which is admired and liked by all. Desiring chubby cheeks doesn’t at all mean you need fat on your cheeks. It’s just that you need a round and healthy plump face.

1. Olive oil has from time immemorial contributed to getting chubby cheeks. It contains healthy monosaturated fats that promotes healthy and graceful skin. Olive oil acts as the appropriate moisturizing agent for eradicating the dryness of the skin. So to get chubby cheeks, consume a tablespoon of olive oil on a regular basis and have olive oil massage.

2. The combination of rose water and glycerin plays a leading role in getting chubby cheeks. Both items are individually advantageous to moisturize the skin with many skin benefits. Massage the cheeks with the combination of rose water and glycerin before going to sleep at night and rinse the next morning with tepid water.

3. The benefits of honey for the skin is just unbelievable. The natural humectant property of honey helps to absorb moisture from air and retains it when used on the skin. Rub honey on the cheeks on a regular basis to get chubby cheeks. Drinking honey is equally effective for getting plumper cheeks.

4. Chubby cheeks can be achieved by massaging them with milk in circular motion. After rubbing for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. Apply this massage every day once. Drinking skimmed milk on a regular basis is also useful for chubby cheeks.

5. For getting fuller cheek, a paste of butter and sugar is highly effective instead of using chemically based cosmetics. Take butter and sugar in the same ratio and make a paste. Apply on your face before bath. Be careful to tie up your hair because some strands of your hair may fall on the buttery face, and butter has reverse impact on the hair.