How Following Vastu Tips can Bring About Peace at Home

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Vaastu Shastra Tips for Peace and Harmony In Your Home

VastuShastra is an ancient science that works on the principles of maintaining harmony amongst the five important elements of the earth – sky, earth, wind, fire and water. These natural elements communicate with each other to bring about positive changes in the lives of those who follow the teachings of the VastuShastra. VastuShastra is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are inclines towards utilizing the benefits of vastu to improve their personality, to bring peace in their homes and to keep sorrow and poverty at bay. However, most people question the validity of vastushastra because they fail to understand how this works. Here is how vastushastra helps in bringing about peace at home:

1. According to Vastu, God is present in the North-east direction. Thus, placing a water body in that direction of the house brings prosperity. This is also why it is advisable to have the main entrance of the house in this direction. On the other hand, if the door is in the south-west direction, a Hanuman idol is placed on top of the door to keep evil forces at bay.

2. Vastu advises people to keep their houses clutter-free. This is because clutter adds to the frustration and feelings of stress in the family members. If the house is clutter-free. The people living in the house will be relatively calm and thus, peace will entail.

3. If vastu advises people to not have mirrors in front of their bed, then it is because people tend to mull over negative thoughts and their problems while looking into the mirror and analyzing themselves. This disrupts their mental state, causing tension between the family members. Avoiding this helps to maintain peace in the family.

4. Each of the colors – red, blue, green, yellow and brown – represents each of the five elements of earth. Thus, using these colors promote harmony between the elements and therefore, a peaceful environment.

5. Ensuring proper ventilation in each of the rooms, including kitchen and living room, ensures the passage of light and wind in the house. This is naturally calming for the body, thereby, bringing peace and tranquillity in the house.

VastuShastra promotes peace and prosperity by teaching how we can benefit our minds from the placement of certain things around us or in our houses. Vastu has brought about peace and prosperity since olden days if the rules and regulations are followed properly. Many people have derived benefits from following the simple tips which vastu provides them with. Nowadays, more and more people are taking up vastu tips even in purchasing and renovation of homes. Just a little here and there are enough to bring about the necessary changes which are required for a blissful and a peaceful living. Applying the vastu tips in day to day living is pretty much sufficient and vastu does not even require its followers to go out of the way to follow the guidelines. Today, many people are realising the significance of vastushashtra and are thus making it a point to follow as much as they can.