How Long to Rehydrate After Severe Dehydration

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How Long Does It Take to Rehydrate After Severe Dehydration

Dehydration is a situation when our body loses water and it is a very critical condition because most of our body is made of water and if it loses it then and it can hinder our energy to work. So dehydration should be removed as soon as possible. It is very hard getting rehydrate and fast after having dehydration. Sometimes it gets so complicated that you have to you ask for medical attention to get rehydrated again. It normally happens when we lose body Fluids and this fluid is mostly water. And then we can have so many complications and symptoms like having a fever, seizures, breathing problem, chest pain, abdominal pain and decreased the amount of urine. And these are the symptoms when you have to make sure that you seek medical help because all these happens only when the condition is very much critical in our body.

Stages of Dehydration:
There are mainly Three Types of stages of dehydration for any kind of animals as well as human beings. The first stage is the Mile stage where you will have some body aches and extreme level of thirst and at this time you have to intake a lot of water in your body so that it can be rehydrated soon. The next stage is the moderate stage where the body ache increases its intensity and at that time some level of chest pain or abdominal pain can take place. This is the time when you have to make sure to eat some water-rich food items as well as water.

But sometimes you have to take some medicine to remove the body ache to a certain extent. And the last stage of dehydration is the severe dehydration and at this time you have to seek medical treatment because in the severe dehydration your body loses water as well as the necessary electrolytes or salts. And at this time doctors generally, give saline water to the patient to induce water as well as salt to the patients’ body.

Time is taken to rehydrate:
The time taken to rehydrate a dehydrated body is different according to the stages. In the mild stage when your body loses water and you just start to feel a bit uneasy then if you take the water of sufficient amount then you will be rehydrated within one or two hours. But when you go through a moderate level of dehydration this can take around 8 to 12 hours to rehydrate your body because at this time you have to take some water-rich meal as well as water and this food will take time to digest in your body and supply the sufficient water to it. And in the last age for severe dehydration stage, you have to take medical attention for about 1 day to recover completely and rehydrate your body. Because in this case you have lost some salt with the water and that can be filled again in a day by the slide water treatment by the medical health centre.