How Many Calories are there in Kerala Foods

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Kerala Food Calories List

Kerala is really famous for its unique cuisine that consist curries and sea foods as well as vegetarian foods also. The foods in Kerala generally make a person salivating when crossing the streets. Kerala cuisine includes every type of dishes but it is mostly famous for its non vegetarian foods like fish, pork, chicken, mutton, etc. Today, we are going to tell you about the most famous foods in Kerala along with the amount of calories in it.

Spicy Chicken Fry:
Nadan kozhi varuthathu is a favourite meal for almost every non-vegetarian. The chicken is fried with onion, chilli, garlic, vinegar and some other ingredients that will provide you fantastic taste. Approximately 100 grams of chicken fry contains 245 calories in it.

Idiyappam or noolapam is basically a dish that is made from water, rice flour and salt. It’s a very famous dish in Kerala. The people of Kerala also paired it with different types of curry to have a great taste. Basically, there are 45 calories in 1 Idiyappam. It may vary when you include it with different curries.

Kerala Prawn Curry:
Don’t miss this wonderful dish when you visit Kerala. It contains simple ingredients like pepper, salt, chilli, jaggery, coconut milk, etc. 150 g of Kerala prawn curry contain approximately 294 calories in it.

Puttu and Kadala Curry:
It’s a very famous breakfast recipe in Kerala. It’s a steamed rice cake that is cooked with grated coconut. This dish has a very simple appearance but that doesn’t means it is less tasty. It contains 220 calories including 33 percent protein, 63 percent carbs and 4 percent of fat per serving.

Idli Sambar:
Idli Sambhar is not only popular in Kerala but also everywhere in India. It’s a delicious recipe which is a favorite dish of children. 2 Idli with Sambar contains 312 calories in it.

Ela Sadya:
Ela Sadya is a very famous vegetarian food in Kerala. It is generally prepared during occasions like wedding, festival, ceremonies and others. It’s a combination of vegetarian foods and calories amount differentiated according to the foods you include in it.