How to Apply Egg on Hair Without Smell

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Simple Tips to Use Egg on Hair Without Odour

Well, all of us are aware of the smell of uncooked eggs. It’s so awful that it spreads all over your house. Perfumes and room fresheners even stop working. The smell stays for around 2 days in your precious house and doesn’t allow you and your family members to rest and eat in peace. Just for the fear of the smell, you can’t avoid using it. Eggs are very nutritious for your hair and render a smooth texture to it after application. There are various natural ingredients which, if added to the egg mixture, will rid your hair of the smell. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Cinnamon powder can be mixed with water or it can be soaked in the water. It is essential to add a few drops of honey to this cinnamon-rich water. Now use the concoction on the scalp and hair and wait for 45 minutes. Then rinse with plain water first and then use shampoo. Besides removing the bad smell of the egg, cinnamon powder will solve all kinds of scalp infections and dandruff problem. Honey will moisturize the hair.

2. If your egg mixture doesn’t have curd content, don’t worry. Apart from providing nourishment, curd (yogurt) can remove the foul smell of the egg. So utilize it for getting rid of the smell. Apply curd (yogurt) on hair and massage gently before washing with shampoo. Always wash your hair with plain water before using shampoo.

3. If you mix egg with banana, milk and olive oil, it doesn’t spread the foul odor. All these ingredients are ideal for nourishing the hair. So don’t apply just egg on the hair. The nutritional benefits of banana, milk and olive oil will provide sufficient nutrients for the hair along with protein from the egg.

4. Fenugreek is another option to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Apart from the cooling effect, antimicrobial properties of fenugreek seed will provide sufficient healthy benefits for hair. So add a few pinches of fenugreek seed powder to the egg concoction to get amazing smell-free benefits.

5. Just before applying egg on the hair, add a few drops of lemon juice. Green tender lemon is a pack of nutritional benefits. From vitamin C to citric acid components, they provide magical advantages to the hair and scalp. Lemon juice will also eliminate the egg smell.