How to Clean Your Kitchen in 15 Minutes or Less

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Tips to Clean Your Kitchen in Less Than 15 Minutes

The kitchen is probably one of the messiest rooms in any house. It just sometimes becomes difficult to clean such mess in a fashion that doesn’t eat away your productive time. I think I have figured out a method to get around that problem which has helped me tremendously and will help you too.

First things first, the most required things for cleaning anything are sponges, cleansers, dishcloths, dusters etc. Hence it is best to start the cleaning process by gathering all these things from wherever they are in the house. It becomes quite tedious to look for them while you are cleaning and you may also forget what you were cleaning while searching for some of them while cleaning. Make sure to scrape those dirty dishes and throw any leftovers into the bin for proper disposal. Those dishes that need soaking should be soaked before you start any other work. Now if you want to accomplish a gargantuan task like cleaning your kitchen in under 15 minutes, it goes without saying that a fair bit of multitasking has to be involved. So while those dishes are soaking in the sink you can as well get on with it and start cleaning the kitchen from the floor, counter and the drawers too (you never know what you might find in there). Don’t start adjusting things into their right place just as yet because your focus is required only on taking out the trash first. All the items that don’t belong in the kitchen must be segregated into a bucket or basket and whisked away out of the danger zone. Now comes the time for relegating items that belong in the kitchen to their right spaces. Don’t distract yourself by trying to rearrange items in the drawers and cabinets just place the items where they belong. Now comes the dishwashing. It is quite a tedious thing to do if you attempt to wash the dishes with your hands directly. For swift and easy cleaning of the dishes a dishwasher comes in pretty handy as it saves time because of its ability to clean multiple dishes at one go. You could enlist help of some other members of your family if that is possible. Next you need to wash the counter and sink. It could be done with or without soap. The aim is to be able to do it faster. Any dirty rags or sponges must be rinsed or washed also. Who wants all that dirt on their hands? Last but not the least, sweeping or moping of the floor is quite important as the floor is the most dirt part of the whole room. If you can avail of a vacuum cleaner it would halve your workload. All that is left to do now is to take the trash out!

Phew! But I bet you’re happy that you finished it in under 15 minutes. It may take a while to get all of this done in 15 minutes but a few tries is all it takes.