How To Dress For Your Body Shape, Body Type Dressing

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How To Dress For Your Body Type

We have all heard about the saying – ‘dress to impress’, this is true because the clothes that we wear are the first things that people notice about us. Dressing according to your body shape is one way to get this right, but not all clothes will look flattering on many body shapes. Since most clothes may not fit us and suit us, it is better to know what type of body shape you have and dress accordingly:

  • Apple Shaped Figure: in this body type, you have a fuller bust and broader shoulders with a tapering waist. If your bust measures three inches more than your waist, you have an apple shaped figure. The best way to dress for this figure is to wear clothes with long sleeves that draw attention away from your arms, waist and shoulders and highlight your neck or bust by wearing u-necks or v-necks.
  • Rectangular/Straight: this body shape has a waist and shoulders that has more or less the same measurements forming a cylindrical shape. To avoid a looking too lanky, you can “pinch” your waist that will emphasize your curves by wearing frills, ruffles, texture or volume that will give you a more feminine look. You should avoid clothing that is too casual o baggy.
  • Pear Shape: people with this body shape are bottom heavy – that is their hips are larger than their bust. Clothes that that are dark in color and flare out at the hips are the best ways to draw attention away form them. You can emphasize slimmer shoulders by wearing strapless clothing. It helps if the straps are decorative as it will highlight you arms and shoulders. Wearing a belt will draw attention to your narrow waist.
  • Hourglass Figure: very few women have this body type where the bust and the hips are proportionate coupled with a narrow waist. You should wear clothes that flatter this figure. For example, puffy sleeves will emphasize your shoulders. A-line skirts are perfect for this figure as it sculpts the hips and waist drawing attention to it, skirts with a peplum line on the side will enhance how curved your hips are.
  • Tall Body Shapes: simple pieces that are structured are most suited to this body shape. Always stick to striking or bold colors or large patters that flatter your height. You can use accessories to break up dresses of a single color. Flared skirts will give you a more feminine look and provide balance. If your dress is too short, you can transform it into a tunic by pairing it with leggings.

Your body shape will change as you age, normally pear shaped bodies have excess weight around the bottom, things and hips. This weight shift to the middle of the body turning your figure into a pear shaped one. You can create the look of fuller shoulders that can help you to balance out the body types that you have. You can wear slightly padding on the shoulders to create a slimmer bottom half.