How to Get Collagen from Vegetarian Diet

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Top 10 Vegetarian Sources of Collagen

Collagen is a very important thing in our body because it is the building block of our skin and also the protection of the outer layer of our skin. And we have to eat well to maintain the level of collagen in our skin so that our body remains protected always. But when the ageing comes, the collagen level decreases in a great manner. Sofa that we have to get some meal which is full of collagen protein. Hair we have given some best type of vegetarian food to get collagen from them because there are many people who prefer vegetarian food right now and so we have to go check out which vegetarian foods have collagen in them.

1. Cabbage:
Cabbage is very famous as a fermented ingredient and for that, it has so much collagen production in it. Cabbages full of different types of vitamins like vitamin A, B, C and E. also it contains antioxidants which are really good for our health.

2. Avocados:
Avocados are very popular in term of natural skin care product and it has so much Vitamin E in it as free radicals. And with all of these nutrients, collagen protein and Omega 3 is one of the major ingredients of this fruit.

3. Red Fruits and Vegetables
The fruits which are red in colour have so much collagen in it because the lycopene is the antioxidant in it which is the reason of that red colour. And this antioxidant is the reason for getting so much collagen from these vegetables and fruits.

4. Beans:
Beans are one of them the best source of collagen protein in the vegan category. It has zinc and hyaluronic acid in it which is really very good for our skin and also it can remove the wrinkles and fine lines which are the signs of ageing in our skin.

5. Garlic:
One of the most common household ingredients is garlic which has a lot of collagen in it. If you consume full garlic with your meal then it can help to even rebuild the fibres of your skin which are damaged from ages.

6. Carrots:
We all know that carrots can be used as the acne remover but it has a lot of Vitamin A which is the reason for getting so much natural collagen from it. So carrot is a great element which can be used to safeguard your skin from getting damaged.

7. Citrus fruits:
Any kind of citrus fruits like lemons, oranges or grapefruit is really very good for our skin because it has a lot of collagen as well as Vitamin C to prevent any kind of damage to your skin and also it has a great quality to improve the texture of your skin.

8. Flaxseeds:
We eat a lot of flax seeds with our salads but sometimes we miss out the information that it has a lot of Omega 3 and also collagen who protect our skin.

9. Leafy vegetables:
Leafy vegetables are really very good for our internal organs but they can also do miracles to our skin with the collagen available in it. Also, these vegetables have antioxidants which are really good for our health also.

10. Soybean:
We all know about the protein source of soybeans and we can guess that it has a lot of collagen inside it to give us a healthy skin for sure.