How to Get Ice Off the Windshield – Remove Ice from Your Windshield

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How to Remove Ice from Your Car Windshield – Defrost Windshield Fast

Due to such extreme weather over several regions, most people are facing the common problem, i.e., How to Get Ice Off the Windshield as the weather has been quite snowy for a couple of weeks!

Here are some helpful and easy tricks to Remove Ice from Your Windshield:

Get some cold water in a bucket or a more significant sized bottle and pour cold water on the windshield as well as the sealed door.

If you can get into the vehicle, go inside and after closing all the doors and glasses, turn on the Defroster Setting – this will help you removing ice quickly, within a minute or two.

You can also mix Water and Vinegar in a bucket and then pour the mixture on the windshield, that will also help melting snow.

If you have the saltwater solution for cleaning glasses, it will also help to remove ice as well as will prevent ice freezing again over the windshield.

Other than that, mixing alcohol and water in 2:1 proportion and then rubbing the mixture over the glass will also help.

Additionally, keeping an ice scraper in your car throughout the winter will not harm. Just in case, if you happen to have none of the above ideas or ingredients with you, the ice scraper is going to help to remove excess amounts of ice from the windshield.