How to Get Rid of Manglik Dosha After Marriage

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How to Cancel Manglik Dosha After Marriage

According to Indian astrology, the position of Mars, i.e. Mangal, can have serious effects on one’s married life. Mars signifies fierce martial nature, anger, and fiery temper. If it is in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or the 12th house of one’s horoscope chart, the person is said to be a Manglik and to have a mangal dosha. While Indians prefer matching astro charts with the suitable partners before the man and the woman get married, Mangal Dosha is something which is first checked and confirmed with the family priest. There are number of reasons as to why families do not approve of a partner who is born under the influence of Mangal Dosha or is a Manglik. There have been several disheartening incidents in the past and people who have ignored this fault in the stars have suffered tremendously. This can have a negative influence on their married life. It can cause tension between the partners, disharmony and sometimes even untimely death of one of the partners. Thus, people firmly believe in doing everything in their power to eliminate the negative influence of Mangal dosha on their married lives. Given here are few remedies to get rid of manglik dosha after marriage:

1. Fasting:
Observing a fast on Tuesdays is said to be an effective remedy in eliminating the negative influence of mangal dosha in one’s like. Only toor dal is supposed to be eaten by mangliks during their fast.

2. Chanting Mantras:
Chanting the Navgraha mantra, which is the mantra for Lord Mangal or chanting Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays can have effective influence. Even chanting the Gayatri Mantra for 108 times a day can produce results.

3. Offerings:
Being a lord of martian nature, offering swords and knives would please Lord Mangal. Even wheat bread, red stones and red silk are offered to the lord to get rid of the mangal dosha.

4. Performing pujas:
Performing a religious puja at the Navgraha temple can help reducing the influence of mangal dosha on the person’s married life. However, there are very few temples in India dedicated to Lord Mangal. Worshipping Lord Hanuman on Tuesday and offering vermillion, sweets and ghee lamp can also be done to obtain release from the influence of mangal.

5. Gemstones:
Gemstones have their importance and influence in one’s life based on their sign. Each sign has a particular gemstone suitable for it. In case of mangliks, bright red coral studded gold ring should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand to battle the negative effect of mangal dosha.

There are several ways for individuals with heavy mangal dosha to lead a peaceful married life. There are certain rituals and various prayers which must be undertaken for the same. There is a large number of population which suffers from this astro issue and there is absolutely nothing for people to be worried about. Mangliks are generally advised to marry after the age of 28 as it is believed that the influence of mangal wears off by this age. Also, marriage between individuals who are both mangliks can nullify the mangal dosha for each other and thus, they can have a relatively lead a trouble-free married life.