How to Get the Smell of Egg Out of Hair

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Simple Natural Ways to Remove Egg Smell from Hair

Every girl desires long hair which serves to enhance her beauty. A woman tries out different hair styles for which one needs to have smooth and healthy hair. In today’s polluted world, it’s really very tough to maintain your hair. But you can try out various home remedies instead of opting for the costly parlor beauty products. Egg is great nourishment and to get the smell of egg out of your hair is really very easy. Apply these under-mentioned ingredients to remove the odor.

1. Lemon juice is very effective to get the smell of egg out of your hair. Due to many nutritional benefits, most of the women apply egg on their hair and scalp. But the fishy odor of raw egg is just intolerable. This smell doesn’t wash out even after shampooing. So it is suggested you apply a few drops of lemon juice to water for the final washing after shampooing the hair.

2. Gram flour is another item to remove the smell of raw egg from the hair. Dilute a spoon of gram flour in water. After washing with shampoo, rinse the hair with gram-flour diluted water and then with plain water. It will work amazingly.

3. The horrible smell of egg can be neutralized by applying baking soda. A solution of sodium bicarbonate neutralizes hydrogen sulfide which is produced from defective eggs. It is needless to say that sodium bicarbonate is the chemical name of baking soda. So after application of egg when washing the hair, apply a pinch of baking soda in water and rinse your hair and scalp.

4. Acetic acid present in the apple cider vinegar (ACV) is very effective for eliminating the foul odor of egg from the hair. Dilute some drops of apple cider vinegar in plain water. After shampooing, rinse the hair once again by ACV mixed water.

5. Orange juice plays a miracle role to remove the foul smell of egg from hair. If you use orange juice for rinsing the hair after using egg, hair becomes fragrant and oil-free.