How to Grill Hamburgers on Weber Gas Grill? How Long to Cook?

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Best Way to Grill Hamburgers on a Weber Gas Grill

Nothing is more delicious than hamburgers and hamburgers can be drilled very easily by Weber gas grill. And there are some factors which should be taken care of before starting to grill hamburgers on Weber gas grill. These factors are very important if you want your hamburgers to be the best in quality.

1. Make It Juicy:
If the meat contains fat in it then the burger becomes juicy in nature. So if you want a juicy burger then you have to choose the ground chuck rather than choosing the ground round. Because Chuck has around 18% fat but the round has just 12% of fat content. So if you choose the first one then you will get the best meat to make your burger juicy.

2. Do Seasoning:
If you to make your hamburger only with the meet then the test will not be that much good so you have to add some other ingredients like some spices and sauces to add spark in your hamburger. And it is also very much tasty in nature. So you have to choose the sauce and Spices carefully so that it can complement the meat and not cover the natural taste of it.

3. Shape Up A Bit:
The thickness of the meat portion of burger should be appropriate because otherwise, no one will get the taste properly from the burger. Normally the ideal thickness is around 1 inch and if you put the meat in the lower thickness than this then and the major test will be of the crust only and then the people who will eat them want to get the proper flavour of meat in that.

4. Do Levelling Properly:
You have to do the levelling of the whole puff properly so that it does not become awkward that somewhere the meat is piling up and somewhere there is no meat at all. This can be done by your thumb or by the back of the spoon. You have to level the whole area equally so that it does not pile up in different portions. Generally, there is a tendency that meets puffed up in the middle when it is cooked but if you do the levelling properly, it will not happen at all.

5. Flip Carefully:
You don’t have to sleep your burger again and again on the office because it can mess up the whole puffing business. So you should sleep only once to cook the whole hamburger and then garnish the burger with the sauces and spices. And this will keep all the parts of your burger at its place without messing it up.

So these are the factors which will make your hamburger to be perfect to cook on Weber gas grill. The whole thing will take around 30 minutes of your time. The preparation time can be considered as around 15 or 20 minutes and the grilling should be done for about 9 to 11 minutes. And this way you can make a full proof tasty hamburger on Weber gas grill.