How to Increase Your Height Naturally through Ayurveda

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Natural Ayurvedic Tips for Increasing Height

A good height reflects a good personality. Although this is not true always, a good height is much appreciated and required. However, sometimes, due to genetics or under-nourishment, many people face stunted growth and stop growing beyond a point. This is a similar case with many people who suffer from short height all their lives.There can be several reasons for stunted growth – irregular lifestyle, lack of nutritional diet, hormonal abnormality, ill-habits such as drinking and smoking, lack of exercise, excessive pessimism and medical problems are some of them. After a certain age, there isn’t much that can be done to increase height. However, since early childhood, parents should take care and adopt certain ways to help enhance their child’s growth. Given here are a few ayurvedic methods by which one can aid increase in height naturally:

1. Yoga – The most traditional form of exercise is Yoga which goes a long way in aiding growth. There are certain postures and exercises that facilitate the release of HGH, human growth hormone, which is responsible for increase in height. Yoga also helps in relieving stress and tension in the muscles, thus boosting growth. Yoga helps to bring about movement of the muscles which accelerate the growth of the height in an individual.

2. Milk – Milk is the richest source of calcium, a mineral extremely crucial to the process of bone growth. Milk also contains Vitamin A in large amounts, which helps in overall development of the body. Thus, consuming two or three glasses of milk each day can help in increasing one’s height. Other dairy products also have some influence on growth. Regular consumption of milk since early childhood is one of the best ways to help grow height along with strengthening the bones.

3. Ashwagandha – Also called Indian ginseng, ashwagandha has been known to increase one’s height since it contains several mineral crucial to growth. To get best results, add ashwagandha powder to a glass of milk and add sugar or jaggery according to your taste. Drinking this concoction each night before bed for a minimum of 45 days can help increasing one’s height. This is a very traditional method which works well with people even today.

4. Sleep well – Studies have found that our body grows more at night than when we are awake during the day. Thus, a lack of sleep can have a bad influence on growth. Adequate sleep and sound sleep that is, is utmost important for increasing height. A sound sleep since childhood days can help you get a decent height which will add more weight to your personality.

5. Engage in physical exercise – Engaging in any kind of physical exercise, including sports can have a tremendous positive effect on the person’s height. Outdoor sports like basketball, badminton, lawn tennis etc. as well as dance, aerobics and martial arts can help in providing a boost to HGH, thereby increasing one’s height. Indoor exercises like stretching, hanging and skipping helps to increase height very rapidly and naturally.