How to Make a Good Relationship with Other People

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Tips to Build Better Relationships with Everyone

Man is a social animal and he thrives on social relations with others. Unless you have social anxiety disorder, where you are uncomfortable around people in general, it is utmost necessary for you to have good, cordial and even intimate relationships with other people to get through the hassles and hurdles of life. After all, only man can help man. Sometimes it is necessary to let go of your nature and adopt new ways to gel with people and form long-lasting bonds. Bonding with people can be difficult initially but with few practises it can turn into a fun and a stress busting activity. Given here are a few things you must keep in mind if you want to build good relationships with other people:

1. Be a good listener – Most of social relations are made over conversations because everyone needs someone to talk to. Experiments have been conducted that have shown that most people seek confidantes in their life. Sharing your sorrows, fears and happiness with someone else can all make a person feel better, thus leading to stronger social bonds.

2. Help before you’re asked to – Almost everyone will be ready to help others if they are asked to. However, bonds are made when you offer to help someone. This is because it shows that you care about them and wouldn’t mind going an extra mile to help them in their time of need. This generates trust and reliability on each other.

3. Trust People – Trust is a difficult to thing to earn and an easy thing to break. However, once broken, it is nearly impossible to gain it back. All of us, at some point, experience a breach of our trust which makes us fear trusting anyone else in our lives. However, mutual relationships are built on trust and if you don’t trust someone, they will feel less and less motivated to be your friend, partner or colleague.

4. Give more, expect less – We face disappointment in people because we expect them to do for us what we would do for them. However, when our expectations are not met, we take a dislike towards those people and thus, we lose out on good social relationships. Thus, give your best to the person you wish to acquire a close social bond with, but have least expectation from them. When the burden of expectations is removed from the opposite person’s shoulder, they are more willing to help you.

5. Do not focus on proving you are right – Most of us get so caught up in trying to prove ourselves right that we forget to stop and think is it is even relevant. Being right does not give you an upper hand over anything or anyone. However, if you are indeed right but do not try to rub it into people’s faces, they will appreciate your idea and be more accepting of you the next time around. Ego should be an absolute no when you want to mingle around with people in a social gathering or otherwise.