How to Make Best Uses of Newspapers – Recycle Newspapers

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Ways to Use Newspapers to Make Beautiful Household Products or Utilities

Newspapers have been in existence since times unknown. Ever since the establishment of the printing press, every household today receives at least one newspaper or magazine daily. Over a period of time, you are left with a huge pile of newspapers you are clueless what to do with. Newspapers can be used in the most constructive manner if a little pondering is done on utilising the waste in the best possible manner. We can go really far in explaining how discarded things can be reused again for some time. As we teach children the concept of ‘best out waste’, we have come up with several craft DIY ideas you can use to make use of old newspapers to make beautiful household products.

1. Paper bags:
First and foremost, and of course, most importantly, newspapers can be used to make paper bags. They look chic, have high utility and they come absolutely free. To make a durable paper bag, use magazine papers and stitch them together to make the bag instead of simply sticking it. Doing this will not just enhance your creativity skills but also help to save the environment from the plastic bag terror.

2. A bowl made of newspaper:
It is very easy to make and looks absolutely adorable when kept on the table. All you need to make this bowl is an old newspaper, thread, scissors and paper clips. Cut the newspaper into column-wide strips and fold them to from thin sturdy strips. You should have 20 such folded strips. Start weaving the strips into crisscross pattern and make a base. Fold the four sides and start weaving horizontally. At the end of it, you will have a cute little bowl to throw in your little things in it, instead of losing it around the house.

3. Mini diaries:
It can be difficult to keep a track of expenses all from memory. Having a handy diary to jot down everything would thus be a happy relief. Take a bunch of writing papers and fold them into two. Cut out magazine pictures that you like and use as front and back cover for your diary stitch the papers from the center and here it is – your handmade diary for taking quick notes. Newspapers can also be used as the cover but it won’t be as sturdy.

4. Wall decor items:
Newspapers can be used to make a creative wall décor piece. Get creative with ideas and think of something you want to put up in your living room. Creating a large object from wasted papers can be really helpful in making your house look different and highly creative. Joining several papers together to make an exotic bird or a creative masterpiece and then painting it can turn out to be one of the best showpieces you could have possibly gifted your house with.

Be it a lampshade or a bowl or table mats, newspapers and magazines can be utilized to the fullest to make something creative and lovely for your house. Newspapers are an amazing source to let your creative skills rise at its fullest. They are multi utility and can help to transform houses than most of the expensive artefacts and home decor you may land up purchasing. All you need is a little free time, lots of creative ideas and you must set to work.