How to Make Wine from Fruits and Vegetables at Home

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How to Make Easy Homemade Wine with Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables

Wine has a very large history with humanity and its need to intoxicate itself. Even Jesus chose to turn water into wine for his first miracle. That’s how important wine is to the history of the world.

So how does one make wine from vegetables and fruit? This question I’m sure has plagued those of who grow our own fruits and vegetables at one point or another. Well not to worry, this article is going to guide you on your journey to making a wine with just your everyday garden variety vegetables and fruits. The wine will taste just as good as the ones the factories or distilleries brew. Now for those of us that have already made jams and chutneys from fruit, the process of making wine will probably feel a bit familiar. There are three types of home-brewed wine: fruit, flower and vegetable. So choose an ingredient as a base that suits you and start right away by chopping up the ingredient and putting it in a bucket and adding boiling water and sugar. Then begins the stirring process where you must stir the whole mixture incessantly. The mixture needs to left for 24 hours following which nutrient, yeast and pectolase (Pectic Enzyme) must be added. These ingredients are the ones that will cause the fermentation of your base ingredient. After about 4-7 days depending on your convenience, strain the leftover base and transfer the liquid into a demijohn. Make sure the demijohn sits in your warmest room for at least 2 months before repeating the process and transferring the liquid into another demijohn while taking as little sediment as possible. Now since you’ve siphoned off the sediment, there is bound to be room in that demijohn. So fill that extra space with a sugar and water syrup (the ratio of water to sugar should be 0.5 litres: 150 grams). Depending on the sediment size you can vary this accordingly. The demijohn must be left to stand for at least 6 months before terming it as wine and serving it to guests. The process differs slightly for different base ingredient (vegetable and flower). For the vegetable as a base, you will need to cut them into small pieces and put into a pan with water. Then bring the water to boil and simmer for half an hour. Then pour the water into a bucket discarding the vegetables. The rest of the method is the same as above. For the flower as a base, you will need to thinly peel lemons to avoid pith and put the peel in the bucket with the flowers and grapes. Squeeze the juice from the lemons into the bucket. Boil the water and pour it into the bucket. The rest of the method is the same as previous ones.

So I hope this serves you as a manual to make wine out of your everyday vegetables, fruits and flowers. Just don’t forget to store it in a warm room.