How to Match Lipstick Color to Your Skin Tone

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How to Find the Perfect Lipstick Colors for Your Skin Tone

Every woman’s vanity is incomplete without the perfect shade of lipstick in the kit. Some love pink, some love red or some love orange. The variety and choices of shades available in lipsticks are infinite. Women would love to wear the huge variety of lipsticks on every color attire they would have in their closet. Sadly, not all shades go well with all the kinds of skin tones. In fact, some shades suit only certain complexions. It can be difficult to find the one perfect shade that matches your skin tone, enhances your look and adds that little element of perfection to your appearance. Thus, here are some tips that can help you picking up the right shade of lipstick which will compliment your skin tone and add glam to your look:

1. First and foremost, the shape and thickness of your lips is important to consider while selecting your perfect shade. Ideally, people with thinner lips should choose light colors whereas people with fuller lips should opt for darker shades. The variations in so many shades are specifically to meet the different lip type and something to choose from, for each type.

2. For fair skin: If your skin is slightly on the paler side, a nude shade would be best suited for you. However, you should avoid shades that are of dark chocolate or burgundy because they are a striking contrast to your natural complexion. Darker shades make you appear loud and a bit overdone for the skin complexions.

3. For brown skin: If you are blessed to have a darker skin tone, you should consider yourself to be a really lucky woman. Anything goes well with a darker complexion. You can experiment with shades like orange or coral to add a tinge of fun to your look. Also, lip gloss will enhance your lips, so make it a must. On the other hand, avoid wearing light, milky or chalky colors; they wouldn’t go as well with your skin tone. Light colors reduces the duskiness of the skin thereby making the skin look pale and boring.

4. For medium skin: Olive toned women are lucky enough to have a complexion that can complement any lipstick shade. These include pink, red, orange or nude shades. However, steer away from purple for brown shades as they will make you look pale.

5. For wheatish skin: If your skin has somewhat yellow undertones, then it would be best for you to stick to deep brown and berries shade. Choose dark shades like plums, soft corals and burgundy. Bright oranges or reds will contrast with the skin tone, looking odd.

6. For pink skin: If your skin has pink undertones, opt for peachy shades or light orange. Blue-based red shades will not really give an appealing look, so stay away from that.

Lipsticks are meant to emphasize the lips and add color to the look as long as to go with the outfit. However, don’t give up on some shade because it might not go well with your skin tone; if you are confident of wearing it, go ahead and wear it. Makeup is all to make you feel good about yourself and nothing else.