How to Read Your Love Life on Your Palm

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How to Predict About Your Love Life through Palmistry

Most of us, especially women, are always doubting if or relationship is going to be forever or is it going to take us down in flames. We desperately try to introspect and analyse the kind of lover we would be, when in a relationship. We would want nothing more than predicting the future of our love lives. However, going to a palmist or an astrologer will prove the very fact that you are unaware about this science which can give a chance to the astrologer to take undue advantage of you; or even can influence you very easily for the very greed of money which you would not hesitate to give away in terms to be sure about your future. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a little knowledge about such sciences so that you can find out the basic things which you have been eager to know. Hence, here are some quick tips on how to read your love life on your palm:

• Identify the three major lines of the palm – Heart line, Head line and Life line. These three lines are drawn on every palm, even on those palms which have minimum lines.

• The Heart line is the one that starts from the opposite side of the thumb and is the top most prominent line in the palm. This line is also the love line and is mostly searched by people who are inquisitive.

• The higher the line is on the palm, the more the individual is passionate and also jealous in a relationship. This line helps you to determine the basic nature of your partner of to be partner.

• If the line is a straight one across the palm, it means the individual is emotionally in control of themselves, balanced and remain unaffected in any kind emotional turmoil.

• If there are breaks and criss-crosses on the line, it indicates phases of heartbreak and sorrow. This line also indicate that the person who has such broken and too many lines may also get off relationships due to cheating.

• If the line extends upwards towards the finger, it shows that the person is very warm, compassionate and affectionate in relationships. Also, is a very humble and supposedly a calm person.

• A secondary line, called the Line of Attachment (or the Marriage line) is the line right about the Heart line. This line indicates whether the marriage will be a love marriage or an arranged.

• Light, straight lines indicate short term relationships, whereas a long and well defined one indicates a long and happy married life/commitment. This is one way which can help to bring about a confirmation of the love being successful or not.

• The Mount of Venus is of importance when reading love life on the palm. The Mount of Venus is the one on the inside of the thumb.

• A firm mount suggests that the person is of strongly sexual nature, whereas a flabby one indicates low levels of sexual interest.

• Easily visible horizontal lines on this Mount indicate that the person is very charming in relationships.

• Varied lines on the Mount signify the complexity of the individual when it comes to love matters.

• A crescent shaped line indicated the seductive powers of the individual. On the other hand, a triangle on the Mount may indicate cheating, i.e. extramarital affairs.

Palm reading is fun and it also has a scientific basis for certain predictions. However, do not take it so seriously that it affects your sanity and thereby your relationships.