How to Remove Grease Stains from Clothes After Drying

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Tips for Removing Set in Stains from Clothes After Drying

Grease stains are really very strong in nature. And generally, we start panicking when we have grease stains on our clothes. Sometimes the stain does not even go after washing and drying our clothes. But there are some very common homely products which you can use to get rid of these grease stains from your clothes. We have given here for techniques or products which you can use to remove grease stains from your clothes very easily at home. And you can try it out without any hassle with some ingredients which you will get at your home always.

1. Baby Powder:
Baby powder is a very useful product to remove the grease stain from your clothes. You need to cover the whole portion of Grease stain with some baby powder and need to keep it for some time before removing it with a spoon or a toothbrush. After that, you need to wash that portion with some detergent or dish soap and rub it with your hand to make sure no stain is there anymore on that portion of the cloth. And this is one of the easiest ways to do it because baby powder or some type of powder is always available at our home.

2. Shampoo:
We all have shampoo at her home and it can be used to remove grease stains from our clothes very easily. You need to apply some shampoo on the stubborn stains and then you have to Scrub it with a toothbrush so that the grease can be rubbed away. Then you need to rinse the area with some water and vinegar. It 12 to your job even easier because vinegar can remove these type of stains very easily after removing the real grease on it.

3. Spot Remover:
You can use professional spot remover which is available in the market to remove any kind of Grease oil stains from your clothes. You need to boil some water and put some spot remover in it and there you have to keep your close in that bowl. You have to make sure that the water to be really hot so that it can break the molecules of Grease for oil and remove those easily. Otherwise, if you use water which is not enough then the grease may come back and hit you in this process. After that, you can put some dish soap and wash that area to make your clothes look like new ones.

4. Lighter Fluid:
You can buy WD-40 to do this job even more efficiently. You have to add some lighter fluid or WD-40 on the cloth by spraying to remove the grease from a certain area of the cloth. You have to keep this fluid on the cloth for around 20 minutes and then you need to soak this agent by some warm water. After that, you can wash that area of cloth with some detergent and get your clothes without any grease stain on it.