How to Remove Lash Extensions at Home Safely

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Tips for Removing Lash Extensions at Home

We use artificial lashes to make our eyes look nice. These Lash extensions have a very strong type of adhesive which is soap proof and waterproof in nature. And also so it doesn’t come off in the slightest touch. And this is a big reason for having difficulty in removing it after the usage. It is very tough to remove Lash extensions from your eyes safely at home. But we have some effective ways how you can remove your Lash extension very easily and comfortably at home. We have given here three ways to remove your artificial eyelash extension comfortably and also without affecting your skin or Eyes.

1. Glue Remover:
We all have glue remover at home and it can be a very nice ingredient to remove your artificial eyelash. And if you don’t have it then you have to buy a professional eyelash extension glue remover which is very easily available in the market. As the adhesive used in the artificial eyelash extensions are really very strong in nature so normal glue remover won’t work on these lashes and because of this, you have to get the professional graded ones. And if you don’t get it easily then you can use the solvent used in that remover. After buying it you have to remove your eye makeup and then you need 2 to put iPad under your eyes to protect the soft skin of that place. Then you can apply the Glue remover by brushes to remove the Lash extension easily. You should close your eyes while doing it to avoid any kind of infection.

2. Steam and Oil:
You can remove your eye makeup as well as the artificial eyelash extensions very easily with steam and some oil. At first, you have to clean your eyes from any kind of eye makeup by normal makeup remover and then you have to take the steam of hot water to your eyes. You can add some drops of Lavender oil, peppermint for some Essential oil to this water. After that, you have to soak a small cotton pad with olive oil and apply on your lashes until the extension comes off easily.

3. Professional Remover:
You can opt for a professional eyelash extensions remover which is used by professional Salon experts. If you want to avoid any kind of infection to your eyes then you can also go to professional experts who you have a certain expertise in removing the eyelash extensions. They can always help you with the perfect solution as per your skin type to remove the artificial eyelash extensions from your original Lash spot. This is the most harmless way of doing this job because they know their job really well so that you don’t get hurt by this process at all. And you will experience to remove your eyelash extension very easily by them without any kinds of hassle or using the homely product. Because sometimes it is not possible to do it by yourself at home.