How to Remove Oil Stains from Clothes After Washing

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Tips for Removing Oil Stains from Clothes After Washing

Oil stains are really bad to look at if it affects any of our clothes. And it is very tough to remove those tense by the normal detergent. And the whole work becomes very much horrible to us. but there are some homely techniques which can be used to remove oil stains from the clothes after washing and these ways are totally full proof and you will get to see the changed right after doing it after washing your clothes. Hair we have given four techniques to remove oil stains from your clothes after washing it and this can be done by a very small effort.

1. Using Baking Soda:
Baking soda is a very useful ingredient to remove the oil stain from your clothes. You need a paper towel, dish soap, some baking soda and a toothbrush to do it. You have to apply the baking soda on the stain and keep it for an hour. Then you need to Scrub the portion with a toothbrush and when you do it the baking soda will remove the oil to some extent and observe the oil to it. And then you need to put some dish soap on it and rabbit with your hand to have your stain to be removed completely.

2. Using Corn-starch:
Corn-starch is a very useful ingredient to remove oil stains from your clothes after washing it. You need some dish soap, paper, pen, towel and some corn-starch with you to do it. At first, you need to apply corn-starch on the portion where the oil stain is there and then you have to brush it away after half an hour. Then you need to put the paper on it and trace it with a pen. If you watch the portion after all these steps then you will get to see the oil is removed from your clothes very easily.

3. Using WD-40:
You need some ingredients like cardboard, baking soda, toothbrush, WD-40, dish soap and a small bowl. You have to put the cardboard behind the stain on your garment and then you need to spray some WD-40 on 8 and rub it with a toothbrush. This ingredient will break down the molecules of the oil and it will be easy to get them out of your clothes. Then you need to apply some baking soda and rub the oil away. Then you need to wash that portion of your clothes with some best soap to get it completely cleaned.

4. Using Talcum Powder:
You can use talcum powder to do this job very effectively. You need to apply some powder on the stain and put it for some time. Then you need to brush it away and wash very carefully so that the coil is removed completely. Are you can of for dry cleaner to clean that portion of your cloth? And it is very much convenient for you because we all have talcum powder in our house and you don’t have to buy anything extra to do it and the time consumption will be very less too.