How to Remove Old Oil Stains from Polyester

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Tips to Remove Oil Stains from Polyester Clothes

Sometimes we don’t notice some oil stains on our clothes and it remains for a longer time in our garments and then we start panicking about what to do the next to remove those stains. Also sometimes it becomes really tough to remove old oil stains from a polyester cloth because when it gets old the molecules get bonded very strongly of those stains. But there is some homely process which you have to follow properly to remove oil stains from your polyester clothes. And also this is super easy to do without any kind of extra work or extra ingredient.

1. Laundering:
At first, you need to use some paper towel to blot the oil properly from the clothes as much as possible. But you have to make sure that you don’t trouble the cloth because sometimes it can cause the oil to spread even more. Before doing anything to your clothes you have to check the care tag on your cloth to make sure whether it can be washed at home. But if it is written that the cloth can be dry cleaned only then you have to take the cloth with you to the cleaners quickly. But if it can be washed at home then you have to hand wash and dry it at first. And in that step, you have to make sure that you wash it in in cold water only. After that, you should apply some baby powder on it and keep it for around half an hour. And if you don’t have a baby powder at home then you can use claim chalk to do it for you. And then you need to Scrub the oil stain area with some soap or shampoo and water and dry it on air only to get the best result.

2. Cleaning normally:
If you want to clean your polyester clothes normally at home to remove some old oil stain from 8 then at first you have to soak as much oil as possible by a towel. And then you can Sprinkle some corn-starch to soak the oil farther from the clothes and you have to keep it for around 15 minutes. And then you need to scrape Aveda corn-starch and if it has more stain then you can repeat the step as many times as you want. You can also scrap the corn starch away with the help of a spoon or a vacuum cleaner. After that, you have to make some cold water and one tablespoon of this show and you need to wash the particular area of stain by this mixture and wash the portion properly. And then if you to remove the dish soap by a sponge and then rinse the portion and dry it in a normal atmosphere, you will be succeeded to remove the old oil stain from your polyester cloth. And this is one of the easiest and oldest methods to remove old oil stains from polyester clothes at home.