How to Teach English Online Without Degree

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How to Get an Online English Teaching Job Without A Degree

Online English teaching is an amazing option for those who want to work from home. A lot of the big online English companies require a bachelor’s degree. But there are many websites that allows you to teach English online without a degree also.

These websites have some common requirements – good internet connection, a laptop with visual and audio capabilities, a calm working environment, and a zeal for teaching.

This platform allows you to teach students in short chat sessions from around the world via webcam. This online teaching doesn’t require any experience. They want native English-speakers from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia as well as some other countries. They pay you on hourly basis. You must have a good connection to handle video streaming.

It is an app-based platform that allows you to teach both one-on-one and larger groups of students. They don’t have any Nationality preferences and encourage non-native English speaking teachers also. They don’t require any experience but you must be fluent in English with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. You can set your own pay rate for classes.

This platform requires native English speakers with American, British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and English dialects. Non-native English speaking people will have to wait till they expand their teacher qualifications. A teaching degree is not necessary. Students are from all around the world. You must have a reliable internet connection. A person must be committed and professional. You can set your own pay rate but have to pay 20% of price per session to SkimaTalk. The payment is given on monthly basis.

ABC360 require native English speakers. They don’t judge you on your education level. You can become their English tutor after passing their interview and training. They focus on teaching people how to use English fluently and comfortably in daily life. You will mostly be teaching Chinese children, in one-on-one classes. They do not require teaching degree. You have to teach minimum for 12 hours across 4 days per week. They pay you on hourly basis.

Open English:
It is the leading platform to teach online English in Latin America. They teach 24/7 with interactive content. They do not require any relevant degree but TEFL certification and at least 1 year of ESL teaching experience is necessary. They also give preference to candidates that can also speak Spanish or Portuguese. Selected candidate will go through an on-boarding process and have to complete training to become familiar with the Open English platforms and preferred methodologies. You have to teach minimum of 10 hours each week, or scheduled a maximum of 26 – 36 hours a week. Payment is given on hourly basis.

This is a Chinese-based online platform that looks for teachers from the USA and Canada to teach English. They do not have any education requirements, so it is a great option for college people. You can set your own pay rate for the classes. You have to teach a minimum of 6 hours each week. Payment is given on hourly basis.