How to Use Egg White for Hair Growth

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How to Make Egg White Masks for Hair Growth

Egg whites are really very useful for our hair as it has a lot of protein in it. The white portion of an egg is a pure protein which is called albumin. Egg whites can work as a medicinal remedy to have healthy hair and the growth of it. There are some benefits which you can get if you use egg white on your hair for hair growth.

Benefits of Egg White in Hair Growth:
Egg white is very good for the growth of your hair and it has some set of awesome benefits for you.

Egg white makes the cortex of hair very much stronger which can give you very strong hair by hair growth.

Egg whites remove the problem of split ends and breakage of hair and your hair can grow without any kind of interruption.

The cuticles become strong and smooth if you can use egg white on your hair and this will lead to nice hair growth for you.

Protein makes the hair stronger whenever it grows and this protein can be obtained from the egg whites only in a large manner.

Egg White Hair Masks:
1. Egg White and Olive Oil:
If You Mix 2 1 whites and 1 tablespoon of olive oil and keep it on your hair for 20 minutes before taking a bath, it can cause magically effective for your hair growth. You should wash your hair with cold water only and if you use hot water then you may suffer because of the smell of egg on your hair. You need to do this once or twice a week and it can control the oil level on your hair and will help a lot in the growth of hair.

2. Egg White and Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is a kind of all-rounder element for our skin and hair and if you can use it with two egg whites and apply this mixture for an hour on your hair then you will have a long and shiny hair in some time. You have to do this once or twice a week and it will work miraculously. Because aloe Vera is the source of a lot of lipids and vitamins which can nourish your scalp and hair to grow it further.

3. Egg White and Onion Juice:
onion juice is very good for our hair and if you can apply a mixture of onion juice with two eggs for half an hour once a week then you will get a very good length of hair in a very few time. Because onion juice has a lot of sulphur which can stimulate your scalp and make your hair to grow. Sulphur boost up the collagen production on your scalp which is very useful to get a long hair.

4. Egg White and Fenugreek:
if you can mix one egg and fenugreek together and leave it on your hair for 45 minutes before washing it away, then you will surely solve your problem of hair loss as well as the hair will grow very nicely. You have to do this once or twice a week to get the best result out of it.