How to Use Egg Yolk for Hair Growth

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Egg Yolk Masks for Hair Growth

Egg yolks are really mind-blowing in nature when it comes to the growth of hair. Because hair fall is the problem of almost everyone right now and egg yolk is the best medicine of it. Here are some good hair masks which can give good growth in your hair made with egg yolk. And these are really very good hacks to make your hair longer than never before.

1. Onion Juice and Egg Yolk Mask:
In this hair mask, you need egg yolk and a bit of onion juice which you have to keep on your hair for 30 minutes. The hair should be covered completely by the mixture and then you can wash your hair and condition it. If you apply it once a week then you will get to see the miraculous result which will be the cause of the rich sulphur in the onion as well as the nutrients in egg yolk.

2. Fenugreek and Egg Yolk Mask:
If you add two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds with egg yolk then it can make your hair grow in an amazing way. You have to keep this hair mask on your hair for 45 minutes and then you need to wash the hair with cold water. If you use hot water to wash it then the smell will not go away. After that, you have to condition your hair and air dries it for best result.

3. Curd and Egg Yolk Mask:
Curd is very good for our hair and if you can make a Mask of curd and egg yolk and applied for 30 minutes on your hair, then the growth of hair will be mind-blowing. Then you have to construct condition your hair and you have to continue it 1 or twice a week for the best result to get.

4. Amla and Egg Yolk Mask:
Gooseberry (amla) and egg yolk is a very nice combination and if you can make a Mask of it and then leave it on your hair for about an hour before you wash your hair, then Amla will increase the blood circulation in your scalp and that will give you nourishment for your hair which can grow your hair in a nice way. You have to continue it once a week and also you need to wash your hair with cold water only to avoid the smell of egg to stay with you.

5. Castor Oil and Egg Yolk Mask:
Castor oil is a great element for your hair and if you can make this mask once or twice a week then you will get nice hair and the hair will grow a lot. You have to mix the two and keep it for 20 minutes on your hair and then rinse your hair with cold water and condition it. Castor oil is really a very popular ingredient for hair growth because of the rich source of protein in it which repair all kinds of hair damage and grow it rapidly.