How to Write, Price and Publish Your First eBook | Steps to Write an eBook

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An E-book is a digital version of a book that is available in downloadable form. You can then read in on your laptop, tablet and smart phones. Since the E-book market provides plenty of opportunities for writers, but before you actually begin to write you should consider a few things on how to write an ebook. Firstly, look for a topic that is interesting enough to your reader, since most E-books are e-learning books, it can be anything ranging from self-help to self-improvement. You can also write about some experiences that you may have had or your hobbies. Setting a deadline is another important factor to consider on how to write an ebook. This is the only way to ensure that you finish the book. Concentrate on your work, emails, phone calls should be kept to the minimum, creating a comfortable workspace in another important tip on how to write an ebook. It will also help you to be more productive. The next tip on how to write an ebook is to expand on the topic that you have chosen, note down everything that you want to include in your book. Then write your book and organize everything that you have written, followed by a thorough review of the entire book. The next tip on how to write an ebook, is to add details like a good title, bibliography, citations, acknowledgements etc. The main thing on how to write an ebook is to find a great cover, even though it is an ebook, it is still an important tool as customers usually notice this first.

The next thing you need to do plenty of research on is how to publish an ebook. Hiring an agency is always a good idea, but they charge a commission for each sale. Creating an awesome cover is another point that plays an important role on how to publish an ebook. This is the first thing that any reader will notice about a book, the cover should entice a reader to actually buy the book. Market research will provide you with enough information that will show you how to publish an ebook. You simply have to identify four main factors about other ebooks-description, title, cover and the contents table. Sharing news about your E-book is another step on how to publish an ebook. You could use platforms like Widboook that will help you to put your E-book on various search engines for increased visibility. If you want to know how to publish an ebook yourself, you will need to price your E-book at a low rate. You could also try Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform to launch your book.

After your book is completed, you have to consider the price of your book. Given the relevance of E-books today, it is important to know how to price an ebook so that your readers will buy the book. If the concept of selling a book scares you, you can always consider an agent who will know how to price an ebook. You need to understand how much your book is worth; you can browse through the prices of other E-books currently being sold. When considering how to price an ebook, you need to remember that there is no particular strategy or methods that suit all books. You can charge a high price if you have written other E-books and are currently planning to sell something unique. Another way to figure out how to price an ebook is to ask the readers what price they are willing to pay for a new book. If you are a new writer, you can start with low prices. Another guidelines on how to price an ebook is to consider the type of book that you have written, readers will normally want to pay less for entertainment books. Educational books will cost a bit more as they have a specific purpose of teaching the reader something. New writers who want to know how to price an ebook need to consider that low prices are the best way to reach the top seller list; this is just an initial move to help you to gain visibility in the market.