Importance of Love in Life

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The Importance of Love in Our Life

No matter who you are, a peasant or a king, love is the most important thing in our lives. Love is our true nature, the foundation of our being. As a social animal, man seeks acceptance and love in the society. Not only us, are even animals known to the feeling of love. It is a warm emotion we feel within our hearts and it motivates us, guides us and decides for us when we are in a dilemma. Love brings about peace of mind and also a very positive feeling. One compliment from your loved one can motivate your day and can really make your day. Above everything else, love brings with it companionship, satisfaction and lots of confidence and self-worth. Love gives you the surety that you too will be taken care of and thought about. After all, who does not wish to be loved and cared for by someone they love too.

Today, owing to mushy movies and television series, people think of love as gooey and cheesy and an emotion for the weak. However, they fail to understand that love is much more than just a boy loving a girl and vice versa. Love is a vast expansion which can be traced in simple day to day actions. Love changes you and make a better you. With love, you get the power to fight against the masses. Love brings about renewed change and also makes the respondent feel wanted and loved. After all, who would not want to feel special always? Love can be found in simple actions and it may not just be between couples. The love your pet holds for you, the love and warmth our grandparents provide you with, the love and protection you get from your parents or even the unbreakable and incomparable bond between siblings and many more are the different forms of love.

Love dominates all aspects of our lives. We refrain from hurting someone intentionally because of the love we bear for that person. We do deeds of selflessness to make someone else happy, because of our love for them. Loving your pets, loving your parents and treating them well, loving your children and fulfilling their needs, and loving your partner and remaining loyal to them are all the real motivators in life. These motivators trigger you to do your best in life to make your loved ones happy. These beautiful triggers helps you to go ahead in your life and also helps in making it worth living. After all, money will not make you feel special or warm. Love is the only thing which actually makes you feel awesome and loved.

However, what about those deeds that you do for people unknown to you? Doing charity work, petting a stray, helping someone in need, understanding your colleagues and lending a supportive hand or simply your inclination for saving the nature – all these behaviours are rooted in one emotion – Love. Love is not for the weak, unlike popular belief today because love requires you to be selfless. Love takes courage because true love is unconditional which is something that today’s generation has forgotten.