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Dengue and malaria are two deadly diseases that are caused by mosquitoes; fortunately there are cures for these diseases. In fact, there is a Mobile app to check dengue available through Google Play and iTunes. This application contains all the essential information that helps you to identify the symptoms of dengue and to determine whether you have them or not. The Mobile app to check dengue turns your smart phone into a diagnosis tool by using that information that you give it. This smart phone application was created by Dr. Saji Salam, the Mobile app to check dengue has a directory that lists all the symptoms and the causes the diseases. It shows you a map that locates all those places where you are most likely to contract this deadly disease. These places include India, Portugal, Spain and the Philippines. Dr. Saji Salam believes that the Mobile app to check dengue is especially helpful in such places where people can use it to stay informed about this disease and its causes and its identifiable symptoms. The Mobile app to check dengue sources its information from trustworthy sources like the WHO and the Centre of Disease Control, so the information that you get is reliable. The Mobile app to check dengue is compatible with all versions of android and also has a fever meter that determines whether the fever that you have could be indicative of dengue.

Smart phones have become one of those essential gadgets that we simply cannot live without, it keeps us constantly connected and informed wherever we may be. We can also download applications onto our smart phones that help us to enhance the quality of our lives. There is also a newly launched it tool to check dengue, this handy application provides you with a lot of information on dengue and it symptoms and causes. You simply have to download the it tool to check dengue from Google Play, type in your body temperature and the fever meter will tell you whether you should be concerned or not. After you install this smart it tool to check dengue you will have access to plenty of information about the dengue symptoms and places around the world where dengue is most rampant. This useful it tool to check dengue will get most of its information from the CDC (Centre of Disease Control) and the WHO, so you can be sure that the information you read is correct and reliable. This smart it tool to check dengue can be downloaded and installed on most smart phones and can work on any version of android. This helps to make this tool useful as anyone can download it. The it tool to check dengue is particularly helpful in those situations when you are not sure whether you have dengue or not, it even recommends when you should go to see a doctor based on the symptoms and the temperature that you have.

Another useful smart phones application is a new it tool to check malaria, this application is similar to the dengue application in many ways. This awesome it tool to check malaria has a lot of information on the causes of the disease and its symptoms, and whether you have malaria or not. Like all other apps, you can download it from Google Play and iTunes; it is compatible with all smart phones. This it tool to check malaria helps to keep mosquitoes away by producing a high pitched sound in place of mosquito repellant spray. When you download this helpful it tool to check malaria, around 70% of proceeds will be given to the cause of anti malaria campaigns in Africa. Another it tool to check malaria can detect the disease by using a imaging sensor with a high resolution with a lens attachment, the developers of this particular it tool to check malaria are working on bringing it to a larger public; it can be used to diagnose malaria, especially in children.