Keep Sharing Photos of #IncredibleIndia – Says PM Modi

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#IncredibleIndia: PM Modi Asks Nation to Share Travel Experiences Across India

Anyone who had doubts about Modi’s potential for running the country has now accepted his power, plans and tactics. Modi has time and again proved that politics need not be dirty all the time. Modi has shown us the power of clean politics time and again. Since the beginning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s target for directing India on the path of faster development has been the youth. Adding to the list of youth-oriented campaigns is the new hashtag campaign called #IncredibleIndia. The PM, in a recent radio show, urged people to post pictures of the places they travel to in India and adding the hashtag #IncredibleIndia. Summer being a holiday season, it is obvious that people will go on vacations to explore the incredibility of India. So according to him, why not share it with the world? He tweeted to the world saying “Can you share your experiences with me? Do so using #IncredibleIndia. Share photos, your experiences etc.” He also advised people to maintain a travel diary because he believes that even travel is a form of education.

Within a few hours of his tweet and radio show, the internet, mainly twitter, experienced heavy traffic with the hashtag trend. The social media platform was flooding with pictures and posts from every corner of India. The PM’s initiative to boost Indian tourism is a success. On his radio show, he also reminded the people about 21st June, which has been declared as International Yoga Day. It is clear that the way to development is to promote India to the world in the best light we can. India has been known to the world as the country where people ride elephants, speak broken English and all other stereotypes that entail Indians. However, it is time to show the world a side of India that they have been missing. #IncredibleIndia will showcase the scenic beauty and cultural richness of our country. Spiritually, celebration of International Yoga Day will put India in the spotlight since yoga has always been one of the most important contributions to the world. Modi has taken incredible initiatives which no other politician has ever taken before. People are happy with Modi and that is visible because people are following instructions or heeding to requests put by the PM very happily and instantly.

To motivate people even more, PM Modi nudged them to keep posting more photos and that these photos are being compiled into an album on his Facebook page. The major reason for this request is to change the picture of the country through social networking sites as a large number of population are active on sites like facebook, twitter etc. And truly, his FB page, which had 50 images, received 18,000 shares. It is pretty evident that we are as enthusiastic about his efforts as he is. After all, if democracy is ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’, it is time we start getting involved in promoting our country, thereby helping the government to work towards our development. Promote #IncredibleIndia and show the world how incredible India truly is.