Kim Kardashian Expecting Second Child with Kanye West

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are Expecting their Second Child

Gossip these days travel faster than the speed of light and if it is about a celebrity it is even faster. The news about Kim Kardashian’s second pregnancy with husband Kanye West has been doing the rounds around town for quite some time now. The actress herself announced the happy news in a sneak-peek of her reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ on 31st May. Since her first child, baby North West, both Kim and Kanye have undergone major changes in their lives. Kim has moved past her bitter breakup and has decided to let go of sad memories. Post that the couple has settled into their dream house. Not only that, the couple made their relationship official by getting married in Italy. However, this time around, the couple is happier than they have ever been, probably because their lives are not as complicated as it was during her first pregnancy.

In December 2012, when Kanye announced Kim’s pregnancy officially to the large masses at a concert, the diva was still married to her ex, Kris Humphries. After a long and bitter divorce battle, they finally reached a settlement merely 12 days before North was born. Also, this time, Kim and Kanye have been together for about three years and have nurtured a very healthy and a prosperous relationship. The stress of planning a wedding, the divorce battle and living with mom Kris Jenner was all a little too stressful for the couple, even after the arrival of baby West. This has rather been the toughest for the couple as many other new things were also taking place one after the other in the lives of the couple. However, now, they are comfortably and lavishly settled into their luxurious house in Hidden Hills, CA without much stress or complications. We must rather say the couple is living a dream life at their dream home.

The fame loving star confessed in the July issue of Glamour that she feels a new kind of confidence about herself and the new-found liking for a private life. She also suggested that she doesn’t know if it is a by-product of being with Kanye, who is a more private person, or simply the result of growing up, that she doesn’t like the spotlight all the time now. It seems like Kim finally found what she had been seeking – her own loving family. She also revealed to Ellen Degeneres her hardships with the first pregnancy. However, this time, although difficult, the star is all prepared for the issues that will entail her pregnancy. With her desire to spend quality time with family and a new sense of privacy, both baby ‘Nori’ and the upcoming addition to their family, the happy couple and their offsprings are sure to have a splendid life ahead. We hope the very best for our fashion icon and her family and wish her all the love and luck. Along with all the comfort and lavishness we wish all the blessings on our very own style diva of Hollywood.