Kitchen Tips to Prevent Food Waste

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Easy Ways to Prevent Food Wastage

There are some people in our society who have plenty and don’t care if they waste food. They know they can afford to buy a lot. Do they realize that there are so many people in the world who can’t afford to purchase food daily and their wasted food can be of some use to them? Wasting food is something which should be avoided by everyone. If you think you don’t need some food and there is excess in your kitchen, then give it to the people who can’t afford meals every day.

1. If you really want to avoid wastage of food, planning is essential for cooking. Suppose, you are three in your family. Try to judge how much you and your husband eat. If your kids are little, then they can’t eat much. So don’t cook without planning, to prevent wastage of food.

2. Never place the hot food inside the refrigerator. After cooking, keep the prepared dishes outside until they reach room temperature.

3. Most importantly, don’t cover the cooked and hot food immediately after removing from the flame. But it is essential to protect the food from insects. But the cover should not be airtight. You can use net fixed covers to protect the dishes as it will allow the air to pass through properly.

4. Sometimes we store some food for future use. We all know that water is life. If the food contains even a little amount of water in it, it will rot due to bacteria formation. So you need to dry the food by removing the water content from the food and then keep it inside the refrigerator.

5. Always try to refrigerate raw fish or non-vegetarian item by washing properly. Never place fish in the refrigerator without cutting them. Cut and remove all the body parts of fish after coming from market. Then rinse under the tap and let them dry for a while. Then keep the container inside the deep freeze.