Laser Acupuncture Pen Instructions and Side Effects

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Is An Acupuncture Pen Helpful

Acupuncture is known as the traditional Chinese Medicine practice which got originated thousands of years ago. It is entirely based upon this that a disturbance or blockage in the body flow can lead to serious health issues. The specialist inserts a thin needle that is just like a hair all over the body to restore qi flow, balance the energy of a body, stimulate healing and gives relaxation.

As per this practice, there are about 1000 points of acupuncture on the human body that lies on the invisible energy channel or meridian. Each one of them is associated with a different organ system.

How does this process work?
Even the researchers haven’t understood it fully how acupuncture might be beneficial, but there are various theories attached to it. One is that it works by stimulating the endorphins release, the natural pain of the body – getting relieved from the chemicals.

It is believed that acupuncture influence the nervous system of our body which controls the function of our body and the chemical release that leads to blood flow as well as pressure, make the brain relaxed and decreases inflammation.

Acupuncture uses:
It is believed to be useful in knowing about different types of health issues, which include:

Chronic pain like back pain, headaches,and neck pain
Anxiety and stress
Sinus problems
Loss of weight

Most of the people use this process in the promotion of fertility. It can even be used to quit smoking and as a treatment option for other types of addictions. With cosmetic acupuncture, also called as facial acupuncture helps for the improvement in skin appearance.

Advantages of Acupuncture:
Here’s what the research has found on the advantages of acupuncture:

It has been found in a study that adding the process of acupuncture in migraine might decrease its frequency.

Lower Back Pain:
The report has found that acupuncture therapy was related to the decrease in pain intensity and the better function right after this treatment.

Knee Pain:
The study has found that acupuncture improves the pain in short as well as long term in the people who suffer from chronic pain.

The research has shown that about 6 sessions of acupuncture have helped people to get relief from severe headaches.

Acupuncture Therapy Side Effects:
With any treatment comes the side effect, the most common one is bleeding and pain from the needles. Others are allergic reactions, skin rashes, bleeding, bruising, infections, pain, fainting or dizziness.

To prevent the risk of these effects, it is essential to go with the licensed practitioner that use disposable and sterilized needles.

Bottom Line:
If you are having issues in managing pain or any other health problem with various other methods, acupuncture is worth to try. Just make sure to discuss with your doctor first whether it’s right for you.