Life Story About Michael Schumacher

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Michael Schumacher Biography and Life Story

That adrenaline rush coupled with immense speed, a roaring crowd, the racing track and one adventurous joy ride. The only person who comes to mind on reading this would be none other than Michael Schumacher. A seven-time Formula One World Champion, he is considered to be the greatest F1 racer of all times. Born on 3rd January, 1969 in Hurth, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schumacher’s father was a bricklayer. At the age of four, his father attached a motorcycle wheel to his pedal kart. Soon enough, Schumacher was seen speeding around with his modified pedal kart and exerted less control in his driving. When his father noticed his lack of fear of speed, he got him enrolled in local karting club when he was 6, making him the youngest member of the club. When he turned 12, he attained his Kart Licence, and a year later, he bagged the German Junior Kart Championship.

Since then, he went on to win several championships in Germany and Europe. He took his first step towards single-seat car racing when he participated and won in the ForumlaKönig series. He emerged as the victor at German Formula 3 series in 1990 and participated in World Sportscar Championship in 1990 and 91, in which, he won several races. It was during this time that Schumacher joined the dream brand of many racers, Mercedes. Being merely 22 at the time, Schumacher was already a star in the making. His multiple victories got him selected in the Jordan-Ford team in the year 1991 for Belgian Grand Prix. Although he had to retire in the first lap itself due to clutch problems, his astounding comfort with the circuit, despite having it seen as a spectator and explored only once alone, impressed many, including Benetton-Ford. Year after year, he kept winning the races, surpassing all expectations.

At the age of 25, in 1994, he won his first ever Driver’s Championship. On winning 8 out his 14 races and beating runner up Damon Hill by a minimal margin of one single point, he became an immediate sensation in the world of racing. To add on to that, he beat Damon Hill again in 1995, with a marginal difference of 33 points and earning the title of the best F1 driver in the world. Ferrari, the team which was holding on to their dear life for regaining their position in the top racing teams signed Schumacher in 1996, a partnership that went on a long way. Although he could win only 3 out of 16 races, he helped Ferrari come second in the Constructor’s Championship. He retired from the F1 series in 2007 and remained an advisor for Ferrari, only to return back to it with Mercedes in 2010.

The star’s life story in the racing world was not devoid of controversies. He was accused of dangerous driving, taking over a lapped car in the Safety Car period, two collisions during the championship years and partially blocking the corner of the lap while the main contender was still on his qualifying lap. Nonetheless, he was awarded the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year in 2002, FIA Gold Medal for Motor Sport in 2006 and A1GP World Cup & Prince of Asturias Award for Sport in 2007. Schumacher holds the world records for world championships, fastest laps, pole positions and most number of victories in the season. Michael Schumacher, till date, remains the world’s best F1 driver of all times.