List of Best Car Insurance Companies in Florida

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Top Car Insurance Companies in Florida

Florida is known the best for its highest rates of car insurance which is why here you’ll find the convenient list of car insurance companies. If you decide to compare plans, make sure to keep in mind that a comprehensive policy with best customer service is worth to pay extra for.

While a list of car insurance companies in Florida can be a useful point to start shopping in the best rates, it is better to check the website or reviews of an insurer to know more about their policies and coverage. Also, make sure to ask people whether the company offers customer support or follow-up for claims.

The requirement of insurance in Florida:
If you reside in Florida, it is essential for you to have legal auto insurance if you want to get your vehicle registered. While various other states only ask you to have liability insurance that covers injuries and damage in car accidents that might take place, Florida asks to carry personal injury protection as well. This insurance covers you, family members and the uninsured passengers who might be there in the vehicle, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is. It also covers you and your infants as a cyclist, pedestrian or while riding vehicle of someone else.

The minimum insurance coverage that a driver of Florida must have is $10,000 for the protection in personal injury and $10,000 for the property damage liability which covers car damaged in an accident that might have taken place. If you fail to keep the vehicle registered, your driving privileges might get suspended and it will cost you the fine of $500 to get it reinstated.

List of auto insurance car companies in Florida:
As per the requirement of the state’s insurance, the policy for auto insurance for the residence of Florida must be issued by the company that is operating in the state. Some of the companies that operate in Florida include:
1. Geico
2. Progressive
4. Mercury Insurance
5. State Farm
6. Safeco
7. Metlife
8. 21st Century
9. Esurance
10. Farmers
11. Travelers
12. Bristol West
13. Liberty Mutual
14. Allstate
15. Pearl Holding Group

Also, there are various small insurance companies operating in Florida like the Florida Peninsula and the Florida Farm Bureau. Some of the other options consist of:
1. All Lines Insurance Company
2. United Automobile
3. Wilcox Family Insurance Company
4. Windhaven Insurance
5. Amica Mutual Company
6. Gator Auto Insurance of Clearwater

Always keep in mind that most of the insurance companies don’t always have the best offers. There are various family owned and small companies that can give you the best deal. Since they compete against the best ones in the industry, they often have the best policies and rates. This is why it is essential to get various quotes from different providers. Make sure to search around just like you do while purchasing a new computer or television.