List of Best Lawyers in the World

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Top 8 Lawyers in the World

The regulations, as well as laws of any country, must be strict so that people follow them. Why do you hire any lawyer? Well, we want him/her to help us with legal matters and get relief. The best and experienced lawyer could be a successful one and he’ll guide you in the best way for perfect tomorrow. You don’t need to worry with your legal formalities as long as you hire the best one.

The charges of a lawyer depend upon the skills, popularity,and experience. Here are some of the best and expensive lawyers worldwide that you must think twice before hiring them as their charges are high but no doubt they are the best.

1. Howard K. Stern:
He not only the richest one all over the world but also the popular one among his clients. Howard completed his degree of law in Los Angeles where he is also brought up and thereafter started practicing law.

2. Benjamin Civiletti:
He is a well-known and popular lawyer in America. He started his legal career in the year 2005. He is one of those hard-working lawyers who doesn’t only take more but also win every case he gets. He is one of the prominent lawyers who have taken a position in this list.

3. Stacey Gardner:
She persuaded as a supermodel and later persuaded law where afterward she started practicing law. In no time, Stacey became the best lawyer of California. Currently, she put up in Beverly Hills in California where she participates high court and bar cases.

4. Albert Stainoz:
The lawyer belongs to America and practices in exchange for currency. Albert has won about 99% of cases till now where he takes a whopping amount along with the guarantee to be successful in the high court.

5. Harish Salve:
Harish Salve is the most professional and leading lawyers residing in India. He is from a small town but later decided to shift to Mumbai with his family where he did his law degree. He is known the best as an investor, industrialist, lawyer as well as politician. It can be said that he is no less than a multitalented man.

6. Vikki Ziegler:
She is the domestic and an attorney lawyer in New Jersey. She completed her degree of the legislature from Quinnipiac College School of Law. She isn’t only the private lawyer but is also a clerk in court.

7. Thomas Mesereau:
He is the deserving one to be known as the best lawyer all over the world. Before the year 2005, the lawyer wasn’t famous much but when he defended Michael Jackson in his case in the year 2006 made him famous. He serves best in humanity and the portfolio is worth to see.

8. Vernon Jordan:
He is a civil lawyer and also the social person and activist. Jordan focuses more on his career and that’s why his success rate is famous all over the world. He put up in Georgia where he was the assistant of Donal L. Hollowell and later started practicing on his own.