List of Healthy Foods for Athletes

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Best Healthy Foods for Athletes

Athletes need to eat a healthy meal every day. The meal should be rich in protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and essential minerals which keep an athlete going all day long. They usually have a very arduous day. Athletes need to visit gyms and perform heavy exercises. For that they need to have meals which have high amount of vitamins and proteins. Fast food is strictly prohibited for them. Even if they have it, they should make up for it by working out.

1. As athletes need a substantially healthy diet due to their hard work, oatmeal can be a great diet for them. It is full of carbohydrates and provides sufficient calories. It can be found in two ways, instant oats or normal oats. Normal oatmeal provides 55 glycemic indexes whereas instant provides 83. So, instant oatmeal works as an insulin alternative for maintaining glucose levels and supplies energy to the athletes’ bodies.

2. Busy and hardcore athletes are very familiar with banana. It is packed with high nutrition. During running or training period when the body sweats profusely, eating banana protects the body from dehydration with its electrolyte agents like potassium, and provides energy. The carbohydrates present in the banana supply fuel to the muscles.

3. Athletes should opt for olive oil in their daily meal. The monounsaturated fats and anti-inflammatory advantages protect the athletes against joint pain or inflammation. It can be consumed as pasta, salads or noodles along with salt and pepper to increase the taste.

4. Egg is a perfect choice for breakfast as it contains lots of nutritional benefits. The protein contents of egg provide sufficient muscle power and the carotenoids in the egg help to keep the eyesight strong which is essential for athletes.

5. Water is life. It is the only substitute which is required during playtime as sweating is usual while playing. Lime water reduces the tiredness and protects the body from dehydration. A pinch of salt mixed in the water solution works as an electrolyte effectively.