List of Healthy Foods High in Protein

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Best Healthy Protein Rich Foods

Food with very high protein content keeps us going all day long. Protein keeps us energized. It’s better than those foods containing more of carbohydrates and less of protein. The fast foods are mainly those which contain more of carbohydrates like burgers, pizzas and such others. Instead of these, you should have fruits, vegetables, meats of various animals, nuts and the list goes on. There are many snacks available which you can have during the evening which are low in calorie. If you maintain a life like this then you will be devoid of all diseases.

1. All dairy products are great sources of protein. Besides protein, calcium and other important nutrients enrich the product from the perspective of health benefits. Due to the amazing protein content, all kinds of dairy items are good for women’s health. Cottage cheese or paneer is one of the most important dairy items which has adequate amount of protein content along with sodium.

2. Eggs are another source of protein. It is the leading item in a grocery store which contains more proteins. Eggs also contain sufficient amount of amino acids. Due to the presence of tons of protein in eggs, it is suggested you consume it on a regular basis if you are a gym enthusiast. It is ideal for muscle building.

3. To get cost-effective protein, lentils are great. Poor people who cannot afford to buy fish or meat, can easily purchase lentils. Lentils provide scope to prepare versatile dishes and the body gets sufficient proteins through numerous types of lentils.

4. Another good source of protein is chicken breast. As it is fat-free, strict dieters to kids can have chicken without worry. It provides amazing opportunity to prepare a variety of mouthwatering dishes and through these preparations, the body gets proteins.

5. Fish in general are a great source of protein but Tilapia contains more protein than other fishes. This flaky skinned fish can provide lots of delicious dishes if cooked well. The protein remains intact if it is grilled, broiled or baked instead of cooked. Plus, nowadays, it has becomes more popular because it contains lowest calories with proteins.