Microsoft Announces the Launch of Windows 10

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Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Release Date: 29 July 2015

Microsoft the company that was the market leader in selling computers but managed to evolve into new avenues has announced the launch of a new version of its computer operating system called the Windows 10. This update has been in the horizon for far too long as the speculations just kept trickling in about some of its features a good few months’ time ahead of its launch.

The Window 10 is a much needed update to the not-so-great Windows 8. A lot of Microsoft’s loyal fan base (or what’s left of it) was displeased with Microsoft’s previous Windows 8 and even to a certain extent Windows 7. However with Windows 10, Microsoft has tried to assuage its customer’s grievances by giving it back some of its old charm. The absence of the much beloved Start Menu caused heartache to many loyal Windows users who were quick to point it out. Microsoft received a lot of flak for this error on online platforms. The new Start Menu is a combination of basic windows 7 menu with just the ‘resizable tile’ feature borrowed from the Windows 8 start screen. The new User Interface developed by Microsoft called the ‘Snap Assist’ enables users to work on multiple desktops simultaneously! What an upgrade especially since users were very critical of Windows 8 touch sensitivity. Many people skipped updating to Windows 8 because of that very reason. The Operating system is customized according to the size of the device it will be operating on. So different screen sizes means different desktops. The very curious thing about windows 10 is in its name. A lot of people are wondering as to why Microsoft decided to skip 9 and jump straight to 10. They probably skipped because they wanted to distance themselves from the debacle that was windows 8. Another smart decision that Microsoft has made is the one to offer it as a free download to all the users operating on a Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.1. And they do care whether the O.S is a pirated version so that are running on pirated Windows O.S won’t be able to update to Windows 10. Microsoft has added a new feature to its O.S called the continuum which is obviously inspired by Apple’s Continuity. So now you can take your required work from your Tablet or phone and continue it on the P.C right from where you left off. The Windows phone adjusts its screen to the screen of the desktop when connected. Cortana is now beginning to take more matters into her hands as she is the one running the show once you start searching in the startMenu. She comes back promptly with the results. Users can now ask questions while typing and can expect a reply from Cortana even funny ones as Cortana is now able to oblige her users’ requests for jokes. The app for Music and Video along with the X-Box app has undergone meaningful changes.

Microsoft seems to have done the right things with this Windows 10 update and we hope that it works just as well.