Natural Home Remedies for Cough, Stop Coughing Suppressant

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Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Cough

Coughs occur when the cellular lining of the respiratory tract become infected with bacteria. These bacteria lead to an increase in the mucus lining along the nose once this infection has started and this is what causes the coughing. Apart from bacterial infection, coughs may also be caused by an allergic reaction to smoke, smog, pollen or dust. Coughing can either by phlegm based or dry and it can only be treated by addressing the causes. Home remedies are more potent than chemicals medications and can provide lasting relief from the cough symptoms.

Lemon tea can soothe the soreness in your throat that may be caused by the coughing. Add ginger for flavor, this herb has anti inflammatory properties that help to relax soreness. Ginger is especially helpful for dry coughs as it hydrates the entire biddy. The ascorbic acid in lime will reduce the excess phlegm caused by the bacteria. Boil tea leaves with grated ginger, strain this juice and add the juice of half a lemon to it. Honey has analgesic properties, so you can either have it plain or mixed in some lemon tea to soothe the pain around the throat area that may come with coughing.

Make carrot juice by extracting the juice from grated carrots and diluting this with water, Aloe Vera juice and inhaling steam vapors will help to clam dry coughs. Gurgling salt water will reduce the itchiness as well. You can also mix lemon juice with cayenne peppers and honey, the pepper will helps to increase circulation which will aid the healing process, the vitamin C from the lemon will reduce inflammation. Cayenne also acts as an analgesic that will reduce chest pain that may happen if you have a bad cough.

Mix five to six cloves in a cup of honey and refrigerate it overnight, have a teaspoon of this concoction till your cough subsides. You can boil fresh or dried thyme in water and let it stand for a few minutes, drink this tea with honey. Thyme has expectorant properties that can help to reduce wet coughs. Another unusual remedy is grapes, the expectorant properties in them will lessen the mucus and unblock your nose; you can either eat the grapes plain or make a juice out of the fruit which can be sweetened using honey. Pepper and mustard seeds are ideal for wet coughs; the mustard contains sulfur that can be extracting by soaking the seeds in water for fifteen minutes or crushing the seeds; this seeds can then be added to warm water. Have this in small amount throughout the day. Pepper basically irritates the flow of mucus and unblocks the sinus cavity. Add a teaspoon of pepper in your teas or soups. Let it stand for fifteen minutes before you drink it.

Soups are a good source of nutrition that can help to boost your immune system, light broths like chicken soups. Chicken contains inflammatory properties and cysteine and electrolytes that are good for replenishing a weakened system and for phlegm and at the same time chicken is a source of protein. It is easy on the stomach also.