Nikon Coolpix P340 review: A great option for the street photographer

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Nikon Coolpix P340: Review on Features and Specifications

Technology has grown gigantically and has provided you with premium and upgraded products that ease your work and enable you to nourish your flair. Photography is an art and not everyone can excel in it. A penchant for this art drives you to gain an expertise in it. However with the various modern devices and cameras propelled with amazing features it is possible for everyone to capture the best moments of life and relish its beauty. Sharing of photographs has become possible owing to Wi-Fi on the upgraded point and shoot devices. Nikon Coolpix P340 is a highly ravishing and sophisticated camera with Wi-Fi on board that has fitted it into the modern fad.

  • A powerful and handy built

The trendy and advanced point and shoot Nikon P340 is a compact palm-sized camera embodied in a complete black metallic magnesium alloy case. Its compact size makes it handy and comfortable. It is equipped with a thin and elegant rubber strip in the front that ensures sufficient space for the fingers tips. It is also couple with palm rest and thumb rest that allows you to have a sturdy grasp on the cool device. A small button enables you to program the camera according to your choice and preference.

  • Captivating design and structure

The fabulous camera Nikon P340 is accelerated by its sturdy and elegant built that ensures an unflustered handling of it. Apart from this it is also invigorated with a spectacular display. The rear side of this stylish camera is adorned by a 3 inch LCD screen with a directional pad on the right side. This directional pad is engulfed by a movie record and playback buttons. The SD card is fitted into the battery segment.

  • Notable features

A spectacular 3 inch display of Nikon p340 is already spellbinding the market and creating an aura of grandeur. Its amazing features left no stone unturned in making it one of the most desirable camera. Nikon P340 has a upgraded point and shoot option powered by a blazing f/1.8 lens and an inbuilt Wi-Fi facility. It is an updated and advanced version of Nikon P330. It has raised the standards of the product with its enticing inbuilt Wi-Fi facility that allows a smart functioning of work and sharing of crystal clear photographs. Besides some minute changes have been offered like dwindling of Macro focusing distance and inclusion of 4x digital zoom. The sensor and optics haven’t confronted much of a major change as compared to the previous device Nikon P330.

An amazing closure

Nikon P340 allows you to shoot 10 frames per second in the burst mode itself that is a distinctive and phenomenal feature for a point and shoot camera. It also offers 9 effect modes and 19 scene modes. An amalgamation of spectacular features especially a built-in Wi-Fi had bedecked the camera and created a buzz in the market. Nikon P340 is a smart and trendy new age device that suffices the notion of clicking amazing photographs with Wi-Fi on board. Its smart and cool appearance blended with marvelous features has boosted the demand of the camera.