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The pmi certification that is issued by the Project Management Institute, it is a qualification certificate that states that you are trained to some extent in the file of project management. A pmi certification goes a long way to show your expertise, it trains you at six different levels that have global recognition. The pmi certification gives you those special skills that many employers look for pmi certification when hiring project management professionals. Pmi certification teaches you everything about project management and shows your level of expertise and commitment to the field. The pmi certification course was developed by project managers and is recognized globally. You will have to sit through six levels before you can get a pmi certification.

There are certain requirements that all trainee applicants are expected to have, they basically cover the work experience that you will need to apply for this certification. The pmi certification requirements include either a high school diploma along with five years of working experience in project management. You should also have 7500 hours in directing projects, and thirty five hours of project management education. The other group of pmi certification requirements includes a four year bachelor degree along with three years of work experience in project management. With this, you will also need to have 4500 hours of experience in directing projects. If you don’t have any of the pmi certification requirements, you can apply for the CAPM certification, build up some experience and then apply for the pmi certification later on. Other pmi certification requirements include the payment of the registration fees and course fees; you will also have to re sit for the exam after a certain time period to maintain the validity of your certification. To qualify for the continuing exam, there are certain pmi certification requirements that you will have to satisfy these are earning the PDU’s required, complete the certification renewal and pay the fees. Re-certification courses will help you to stay updated with all the developments in the field of project management.

The rate of certification will vary depending on whether you are a member of the PMI when you pay your pmi certification cost. If you have applied for membership just before you applied for certification make sure that your member ship has been completely processed, otherwise you will be charged the non-members fees when you are covering your pmi certification cost. You also will not be offered any refund on your payment if your membership is completed after you have made the payment for pmi certification. To get a rebate on your total pmi certification cost, you can submit application forms for certification and membership at the same time. The pmi certification cost is also affected by examination methods that you choose the cost of the paper based exam is $225 for members and $300 for non-members. The cost of re-certification is $150 for members and $200 for non members. Since the exam has over 200 questions, many people enroll for examination courses; the total pmi certification cost also includes preparation courses that are around $1500 to $2000.