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The PMI also offer a pmo certification that qualifies you as a professional in Project Management Office. The pmo certification is the only certification in project management office that is affiliated by PMI. Started in 2002, it is another qualification credential that project management professionals need to further themselves I this field. The pmo certification trains you to manage and understand project portfolio management and it related techniques that were started by Gerry Kendall and Steve Rollins. The pmo certification is recognized globally which goes to show how much value it can add to your resume. If you feel that you can make a career in project portfolio management, you should apply for a pmo certification to help sharpen your talent and skills in this field. Competition in this field is intense and a pmo certification will help you succeed and move ahead.

You can apply for pmo certification training in any accredited training facility, but make sure that they have the correct affiliation and the right amount of experience in pmo certification training. A pmo certification training course will offer you plenty of scope to enhance the knowledge that you have, you can learn how to identify risks involved at all stages, conflicts related to the use of resources and the various constraints involved. The main idea of pmo certification training is to give you a competitive edge. Pmo certification training shows you how to obtain value from your projects, people looking to add some value to their CV or company can also benefit from pmo certification training.

The pmo certification cost is affected by whether you are a member of the PMI. As a member of the PMI, you are entitled to a special membership rebate on your total pmo certification cost. As a member you will have access to special webinars that can help you to get the best value out of pmo training, you will also be updated on alll3the latest developments. The average pmo certification cost is around $695 for non-members, you may have to pay additional fees for course materials. The exam preparation courses offer extensive training to applicants to prepare for this exam; this is an extra cost and is not mandatory. The pmo certification cost is also determined by where you apply for training, training facilities will give an additional preparatory course after which you will have to sit for an examination. These centers will also include extra charges for course materials and service. If you feel that these facilities will help you get a better score on your pmo certification, make sure that you apply in an accredited center. Some centers may offer you promotional schemes that may help you to get a great deal on your total pmo certification cost. The level at which you apply for will also give you a different pmo certification cost.

PMI has set certain pmo certification requirements that all aspiring applicants are expected to fulfill before they can apply for the exam. You will need to have a score of 80% in the quizzes and final exam to pass the course. For a complete list of pmo certification requirements, you will have to check with the training centers. PMO is designed for those project management professionals at the planning stage; you will have to have certain amount of work experience as part of the basic pmo certification requirements. Other pmo certification requirements include a high school diploma or a GED or something that is globally recognized. You may also have to fulfill certain PDU’s as basic pmo certification requirements. Those applying for re-certification will also have a list of basic pmo certification requirements that they will have to fulfill.