Pocket Friendly Fashion Tips for Teens and College Girls

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Affordable Fashion Tips for Teenage Girls

Teens and college girls are the future of the nation. So it is essential for them to be fit and fine. Besides, it is equally important to know the contemporary fashion. Being teens and college girls they usually participate in many competitions and face numerous circumstances where it is important to look good. So, pocket-friendly fashion tips are very important for them. Fashion may differ from season to season. Dresses are not the only item involved Accessories play an important role in fashion. These add-on items enhance beauty and personality. These can be school or college bags, trendy bangles, Key rings, wrist watches, purses or wallets, belts, shoe, necklace or chains, cool hair cut and so on. Generally, teens and college girls are always on the go. They usually wake up just a few minutes before attending the class. Teens in the early years depend on the opinions of their moms in fashion and lifestyle. But in the later years, they become more mature and take their own decision. Many of them try to earn some pocket money by way of private tuition, part time job and saving on conveyance. This pocket money helps them to buy their fashionable accessories from time to time. Most of the time, these items are very small and affordable. They prefer locally made accessories instead of the expensive branded items. So, in teenage fashion, quantity and variety matters more than quality and cost. Some important pocket friendly fashion tips are described below.

1. Wristwatch according to dress color and item.

2. Seasonal jacket enhances the beauty.

3. Designer purse that satisfies all purposes.

4. Stiletto or platform heel which enhances the personality.

5. Having stylish nails with nail polish.

6. Wear scarves with your outfits.

7. Flip-flops will match with all your casual outfits.

8. Wear statement necklaces to look glamorous.