Position of Bedroom as per Kerala Vastu

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Kerala Vastu Shastra Tips for Bedroom

Nowadays, Vastu Shastra plays a vital role in people’s life. People are becoming highly dependable on Vastu Shastra for choosing right things and right place. According to Vastu, bedroom position also plays an important role. The position of bedroom in right direction brings happiness, joy and wealth in your life. Your sleeping position matters a lot for your good sleep. Today, we are going to tell you the right position of bedroom with sleeping position.

Bedroom direction:
According to Vastu, bedroom must not be made in south east or north east. Bedroom must be in south-west. This will improve the health of owner as well as bring prosperity. If the bedroom is in the north east then it will cause health issues. And if the bedroom is in south east then it will cause disturbance in the life of couple. For couple, they must sleep on single mattress and avoid sleeping on different mattress. The other important thing to keep in mind is that it is better if the bed is made of wood because metal bring negative vibrations.

Things to avoid:
Bedroom must not be constructed near your kitchen and store room. Store room should not be near your bedroom as it’s usually a dirty place. Hence, it can cause you allergic problems. Moreover, if you will construct bedroom near your kitchen then the sound of grinder, utensils, etc will disturb your sleep. Moreover, avoid cow sheds and pet home near your bedroom. Its better if your bedroom is small in size which was greatly followed by people in traditional times.

Avoid making bedroom your worship room:
Many people have started making their bed room as worship room. However, you must never follow this. Worship room is a place that holds a divine power. Human beings do not have any right to disturb this divine power. One more thing is that never construct your bedroom opposite to your worship place.

Colours and pictures in bedroom:
Always try to paint your bedroom with pleasant colours like blue, pink, etc. Please don’t use red and yellow colours. Don’t paste, crying baby photos in your bedroom. Cute kids pictures, romantic pictures, and natural Scenary are best to use in your bedroom.