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PRINCE2 is a project management tool encompassing a lot of processes and methods; it helps people by giving them simple, scalable and highly customizable solutions that can be used to manage all project types. The guidelines stated here are standardized and are practiced all over the world. This clearly shows how important this software is and why getting a PRINCE2 certification can add value to your resume. The very fact that this methodology is used all over the world, means that getting a PRINCE2 certification will open up new employment opportunities for those people seeking a job in IT fields. A PRINCE2 certification will enhance your project management skills. It will also familiarize you with the various terms, methods that can be applied to the field of project management. Before you can apply for a PRINCE2 certification, you will need to have completed a PRINCE2 basic computer training course or classroom course and an exam based on the PRINCE2 terms, methods and basics. A PRINCE2 certification course will also cover various methods used in the control and organization of a project. To find out more about PRINCE2 certification benefits and uses log on to

PRINCE2 training from an accredited facility will cover two modules, these are; PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner. The PRINCE2 Foundation Qualification teaches you about the terms, principles that are frequently used. After completing this level, you will be an able to contribute your skills as an expert in many projects that are supported by PRICE2. On the other hand, the PRINCE@ Practitioner Qualification will train you in the application and operating of PRINCE2 in supported projects. Another advantage of PRINCE2 training is the availability of more employment; it will enhance your skills and confidence when using PRINCE2 in many project management applications. PRINCE2 training will teach you how to assemble commonly used descriptions and names into a structure that is user friendly. If your work involves projects, you should apply for PRINCE2 training; the Foundation level is suitable for those who are in the fields of administration, marketing and technical support. If you are the leader of the respective project, then PRINCE2 training at the Practitioner level is your best option. As an organization, you should put in the time and review market information. Once you have implemented PRINCE2, you should then develop an adoption strategy. PRINCE2 training should be given to a group of people and a pilot project should be initiated. PRINCE2 is customizable; you can determine which parts work best for your organization.

PRINCE2 courses will have two training modules- Foundation and Practitioner. You should apply for them depending upon the role you play in project management. Individuals seeking to apply for training in PRINCE2 courses must fulfill the requirements of completing the basic PRINCE2 computer course and an ensuing exam. The average cost of PRINCE2 courses are included in the course fees, this cost will vary depending upon which centre you go to. The study materials available for any PRINCE2 course is the main manual, this covers everything that you will need to prepare for the exam. You will receive your PRINCE2 course certificate weeks after you complete the course; this applies to the foundation and practitioner levels. For more information on PRINCE2 course, log on to