Quick Tips to Learn Astrology for Beginners

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Quick Tips on How to Learn Astrology Fast and Easily

One of the most popular ancient arts that enjoys a good following even in this modern age is astrology. Many cultures all over the world have some form of Astrology in society. Astrology is not just restricted to wearing amulets and performing innocuous rituals that put you to sleep quicker than take your problems away. This blog will empower you in that aspect by teaching you how to ‘read the charts’ as they say and read the signs that the stars point towards.

The first thing that any person who’s keen to learn Astrology must do is find a birth chart. Preferably your own for unknown complications caused by a faulty prediction or advise in someone else’s life. This birth is quite the foundation stone of Astrology in most cultures. It is basically a collection of interstellar maps that shows how the stars were aligned during the time of one’s birth. Sounds great now, doesn’t it? It is quite amazing to know that there are ways to plot the universe during a particular point in time. Leading to my next advice which is to use the internet to your full advantage as it is filled with many great apps that facilitate learning. There are free apps that even plot those inter galactic maps I mentioned earlier. All you have to do is punch in your Date of Birth along with the time and place (city). Books have been since a long time been a source of learning and because of that, a lot of knowledge that is not available on the internet is available in books. There are books on Astrology that date back to the time of kings and courtesans! Cherio is a very famous author in the world of astrology learning. His books offer concise explanations alongside a variety of examples. In terms of learning, transits of planets is probably the intermediate level stuff so only those that are very serious may spent time with it. The transit of a planet is its trajectory or position at a given point of time. It is going to be the basis of all your predictions. So might as well make it right. The next step after getting through the basics is to practice the reading of different birth charts. So start with family members first. This always turns out to be the acid test as you know your family members better than you do most people. You will know whether your predictions about there are true or know in a heartbeat. So if you fail the acid test then do not despair. Go back to the drawing board and reread the chart because it is the bedrock of all Astrology and prediction.

The above tips are for people of all ages with a curiosity about life being the common denominator. These tips are very useful for those who are keen on learning astrology and also wish to try on themselves for the day to day purpose. However, this write up is for those who wish to learn basic and those who wish to pursue advance knowledge in this profound field must try to seek mentorship and training from a learned individual.