Reasons Why Children Must Be Friendly with Animals

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Top 5 Reasons Why Children Should Be Encouraged to Play with Animals (Pets)

Animals they say are as innocent and grateful as little kids. Children and animals are innocent and are very true and loyal when it comes to terms like friendship and love. Little children are like blank slates – everything you teach them is going to be deeply imbibed in their innocent little minds. It is what you teach them when they are young that they will grow up with that belief system in mind. For example, racism is not inherited, it is taught, just like sexism and other stereotypes. Thus, anything you teach them now will have tremendous effect on what they grow up to be. Animals, although without language, can teach a lot of moral lessons. Here are 5 tips why you should encourage your child to play with animals:

1. They will learn compassion:
By petting animals, you are teaching your child to be compassionate towards those who are supposedly weaker than them. Animals are kind beings who would not hurt humans unless they feel threatened. Thus, letting your child play with animals will teach them that unless you hurt someone deliberately, they will be harmless and kind towards you.

2. Animals provide comfort:
Animals, especially pets like dogs and cats, can understand human emotions and their expressions well. Thus, even if they do not understand the cause of your sadness, they know you are sad and that is why, they will comfort you in their own loving way. These gestures can be really comforting for the child when he/she is in distress.

3. They make children more responsible:
Playing with animals makes the children feel more responsible. This is because they feel the need to protect their friend and thus, they will play fair and take care of their pet friend. They will also be considerate of the animal’s comfort when playing with it and will not harm them deliberately. All these morals will teach mean more to them when they grow up.

4. Animals encourage nurturing:
Just like how siblings look out for another, children and their pet friends tend to form a close knit relationship and a bond of understanding. They look out for each other and save each other from harm. They help each other in things they can do for the other and this imbibes a nurturing nature in your child.

5. Animals will boost your child’s self-esteem:
When your child plays with an animal, pet or not, the animal is going to get attached to the child. It is a well-known fact that once an animal loves you, they will be love you and be loyal to you for the rest of their life, even if you hurt them later. This unconditional love and need can boost your child’s self-esteem and make them feel wanted.

Animals are loving being, especially pets. They teach us so much with simple innocence and gestures, but without a single word. Thus, you should encourage children to play with animals because animals will teach them virtues that you won’t be able to.