Reasons Why People Must Wear Cotton in All Seasons

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Top 5 Reasons Why People Must Opt for Cotton Clothes in All Seasons

Being one of the most ancient and much loved fabric, cotton has remained people’s hot favourite of many. Lots of people consider cotton as one of the most comforting fabrics. Cotton clothes or materials are indeed provide people with an amazing experience in terms of comfort, looks and cost. Sadly, today people are unaware about how and why cotton can be worn at all times and thus, during certain seasons they completely avoid cotton and shift to other seasonal fabrics. Each season seems to have its own fabric for clothes. Summer calls for soft fabrics and summer dresses, winter calls for wool and thermal, spring call for fluttery clothes and monsoon calls for lycra material clothing. However, not all fabrics suit the skin and some of them even lead to skin irritation condition called ‘dermatitis’. Most man-made fabrics are known to cause dermatitis. There is, however, one fabric suitable for all seasons – cotton. Cotton clothing has several reasons to be all-fitting, besides being really comfortable. Here are top 5 reasons why people must opt for cotton clothing in all seasons:

1. Natural insulation:
Cotton fabric protects the wearer against summer heat and winter chills. It acts as a thermal insulator because the fabric traps air between its fibres. The fibres hold the fabric away from the skin, allowing air to be trapped between the fabric and the skin, thereby providing comfort and insulation.

2. Comfortable:
The best part about cotton fabrics is the high level of comfort which is provided by this material. Cotton clothes are extremely comfortable and cosy for all season. The fabric stretches easily, making it fit the body snugly. It is for this reason, which undergarments and inner wears are made of cotton.

3. Non-allergic:
Cotton rarely has any allergic reactions to the skin, no matter how sensitive the skin is. In fact, cotton fabric allows easy circulation of air between the fabric and the skin, thereby preventing fungal infection caused due to perspiration. Cotton is thus used in bandages and gauze for medical equipment’s. Since babies have the most sensitive skin, cotton clothing is best recommended for them.

4. Light-weight:
Cotton clothes are very light-weight in nature and they feel comfortable on the body. They do not stick to the skin or make you feel like you are being weighed down by the burden of clothes. Apart from the above mentioned characteristics, being a light-weight material only adds to the list of cotton benefits.

5. Durability:
Cotton is probably the most the durable material of all. It is much less likely to tear or rip apart, owing to its high tensile strength. Also, when wet, cotton is 30% stronger than it is normally. It can also bear multiple hot water washings, and still remain the same.

Our skin needs space to breathe and feel fresh. Other materials invade on our skin’s breathing space, causing discomfort to us. Cotton clothing is thus best suited for all seasons because of its comfort and other benefits.