Reasons Why Women Must Avoid Alcohol During Pregnancy

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Top 5 Reasons Why Women Must Avoid Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most awaited moments for a woman. From day one of her pregnancy till the baby is delivered is a phase of mixed feelings, that of excitement and also of fear. However, many times, women fail to deliver a healthy baby or the baby gets miscarried by many women. There are many reasons why the child gets miscarried or faces an immature death before life can commence in him. And one of the major reasons for almost every miscarriage or immature death is alcohol.

Unfortunately, alcohol consumption for both men and women today, has become a common phenomenon. Despite knowing that it can be harmful to the person’s system, it is still an accepted part of the ever-changing society. However, it is important to know that alcohol is extremely harmful for the reproduction system of both men and women. During pregnancy, women are strictly advised to give up alcohol because it can have adverse effects on the unborn child. Here are top 5 reasons why pregnant women should absolutely avoid alcohol consumption:

1. Alcohol hinders the development of the foetus (fetus):
Consuming alcohol during pregnancy puts the foetus at a risk of having a developmental disorder. Alcohol can also cause severe damage to its organs, nervous system and bloodstream. The reason for this is alcohol is processed by the liver. Since the liver in a foetus is not fully mature until the second trimester, it cannot process the alcohol supplied to its system.

2. Poor development of motor skills:
Alcohol consumption can cause delay in the development of the nervous system of the brain. This causes delayed motor skill development, learning disability, and behavioural problems. These disorders are untreatable post-birth since they are a result of hindrance in basic development.

3. Distinct facial features:
Small head circumference, comparatively flatter face, narrow eye slits etc., are some of the facial features distinctive of an infant which indicate alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

4. Miscarriage or stillbirth:
If a pregnant woman consumes high amount of alcohol regularly during her pregnancy, there is a high possibility that she will suffer a miscarriage. Moreover, even if the pregnancy is taken to term by the mother, the possibility of a stillborn is severely high.

5. Behavioural and socialization problems:
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause behavioural and socialization disorders in the baby. It can cause hyperactivity, attention deficit, social withdrawal, impulsivity, anxiety and stubborn attitude in the child. Also, as the child grows, he/she may find it difficult to socialize with peers, maintain friendships and form new bonds. This affects them adversely as adolescents and young adults.

Most of the above mentioned results of alcohol consumption during pregnancy fall under one big disorder – the Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. If a foetus is exposed to alcohol, it can cause this syndrome and many other defects, apart from the ones already mentioned here can take place. Thus, pregnant women must strongly cut off from any alcohol during pregnancy.