Safety Tips for Cooking in the Kitchen

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Basic Cooking and Kitchen Safety Tips

Get hold of some safety tips to cook in your kitchen. Cooking is really fun but keep knives and other sharp things, which can hurt you as well as any child, out of reach. Always close your gas cylinders before you go out of home or if you are not using them anymore. Any carelessness of yours can ruin your entire life. Be alert when you are in your kitchen. Appropriate clothing is necessary when you are cooking. Modern fire alarm gadgets should be installed in your kitchen. Let’s have a look at the safety features.

1. It is needless to say that numerous electronic kitchen appliances are used in most of the modern kitchens. From microwave oven to blender to induction oven to electric kettle, from toaster to coffee maker to deep fryer, all devices are either electric or electronic. So be careful about the cords and plugs. Check frequently that these are all in working condition.

2. Dress material plays an important role when you are cooking. Do not wear synthetics while cooking. Always remember that you are in kitchen means you are in danger-prone area and dealing with fire. It will be dangerous if a synthetic fibre is on your body. Besides, too loose garments are also prone to risk because they may flutter and catch fire.

3. Be sure that all the windows are open in your kitchen when you are lighting the burner. It has two significant roles. At first, by allowing air to circulate, the risk will be reduced if gas cylinder leaks. Secondly, due to the narrow space of the kitchen, burning gas can reduce the amount of oxygen inside the room. So the cook may feel suffocated and stuffy. By allowing the fresh air to come in, the stuffiness is reduced.

4. Always keep sharp knives and match boxes out of reach of children. The sharp edge of knives may cause accidents. Even match boxes can cause injury if children strike the matchstick. Have a specific place in the kitchen where you can store the knives and choppers along with lighters and match boxes.

5. If you use microwave, use microwave-proof utensils. Never use any metal or steal utensils in a microwave oven. If you are baking in an oven, the inside of the oven becomes very hot. So, use gloves to handle the dishes. Without gloves, it becomes very troublesome to take the dishes out and you may get your hands burnt.